• The last new puppie stuff!!!!!

    A pretty crate for her to sleep in.. That's the last thing we need for our girl to arrive here at home 😃
    Almost a year we are waiting for our girl and HOPEFULLY she will be born soon….
    After months of searching we found two great breeders and faith will tell whitch one it becoms... 😃

    A few of you would already have seen it on our website, but for the rest of you... we hopefully get our Basenji girl at the beginning of next year!!!!!!!!

    I know we have to wait with being happy untill we know for sure she will be born this year, that there is the right girl but I can't keep it still anymore... 🙂

    So because it is coming so close, I wanted to prepare you all for (hopefully) a explosion of puppie pictures!!!!
    She won't be born near our home, but a few hours away with the airplane....

    So I have to keep you in excitement for just a little while....

    To be continued.... 🙂

  • MMMMM, puppy breath….....

  • Congrats!!!!!! Can't wait to hear about the litter(s) and baby pictures!!!! Fingers crossed you get exactly what you are hoping for

  • Basenji baby blubber! And fresh corn chip feet. I can't wait to see how the whole family blends in. And don't worry about us not wanting kazillion photos! 🙂

  • Can't wait for the pictures!! Congratulations and I do hope that you get exactly the little girl for you (and the boys, of course!)!

  • So very exciting, I waited three years to get a puppy from our breeder and the year I knew I was getting one I had planned and bought everything long before his l arrival! Oakley will be one this month and it feels like a lifetime ago he was a tiny pinto bean… Cherish the anticipation and the newness. Very excited for you and look forward to seeing pictures

  • Can't wait for tales (tails?) of how the new girl runs the house. And the pics! Your pics are the best

  • Thank you so much everyone!

    We are very excited, she has been a dream for years, she is a part of our kennel dreams but we wanted to wait untill we knew we are totally ready to be a responsible breeder. There are so much "just for fun" breeders and every one of them is one to much.
    So after 5 years of being active in our breed we decided it is time to find us a sweet girl, just like our boys is supposed to be a house dog and hopefully after a few years be healthy and good enough to start our kennel with. 🙂

    It's very excited!
    We have much experience with female Basenji's but never owned a female dog, so she will be spoiled big time I am afraid if I look how the other Basenji girls in our life were spoiled haha

    I can tell, from one breeder the due date is NEXT WEEK!
    So I am really hoping to add puppie pics very soon 🙂

    I know it will be fun to introduce her to our pack..
    Spaik, the oldest cat will sniff her, and run away to a higher place and look at her for a few days..
    James, the youngest cat will sniff her and if she sniffs him back he will play immediately with her, he is crazy about dogs…
    Chaffie, is still a puppie in his head and likes other puppies very much, he do misses someone to play with basenji like (Buana is more of a lazy one)
    And Buana.. he is a special one.. he is a boy... BUT when he is intruduced to a puppie is becomes a mommie and care for them the same way a mom does... he guides them, clean them, be a comforatble pillow etc..
    I think that started when we took Buana with us when we visit the breeder when Chaffie was just born..
    He spend lots of time in between the puppies 🙂

  • Great news, Kim. I hope your little girl pup is born soon

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