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Hello Again!

After some weeks, I hope to be more active on the forum!
We have some heavy weeks behind us, with our ship, and our little Ryan turned two last weekend, some visits to the hospital and of course being very busy with the puppie plans!
Here the pictures of the Clubmatch!

Normally Kas is showing Chaffie, but because he had to drive all the way from B?lstringen (Germany) to Holland, a 5,5 hours trip he couln't make it in time. I showed Chaffie myself but I won't do that again.. he is SO different than Buana and I am not used to show him hahaha but we had fun!


Bushira und Ghali, the basenji's of a friend



The show

Puppie boy

Puppy girl

Puppie girl, Best Puppie

Wanyika Gasira

Open class males

Razi (dondoro Toka Kilima)

Ghali Oelan Oede

Yvonne and Moyo 1th place

Me and Chaffie:D

Chaffie saw this James at the wall and wanted to stop at it… haha

Marcel with Bulldobas cream and sugar AKA Renee


The Tri is one of Buana's kids!

BOB Marcel und Renee

Me and Kas with our sweeties

Adn Chaffie with his new girlfriend!

Lovely photos, Kim.
And I can say that you look as a good handler of Chaffie from pics ;). And also happy belated birthday to Ryan!!

Thank you Irena, do you really think that? I have the feeling he is much more elegant and awake with Kas next to him πŸ™‚

Thanks, Ryan was SO spoiled!!!

All great pictures - thanks so much for sharing them. So many of them made me smile, just as it seems many of the basenjis are. πŸ™‚

Looks like a great time by all! Thanks for the great pictures!

Thank you, I liked it to see how all the people were a true team with their Basenji

Fantastic pictures. There's nothing better than seeing a happy Basenji, and they all look like they had a fun time. πŸ™‚

I love to see the dogs enjoying the racing, some lovely expressions.

I can't believe Ryan is two already! Happy belated birthday Ryan!

Really like the look of the darker brindle.

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