Pippin is coming unglued at the seams…or so it seems..

  • Houston

    ..it started last night, we usually crate him and Moses together in a huge 48" crate as they both snuggle so good together…and this is the only way to crate Pippin in our home as he will chew on the bars and try to dig his way out until I am worried he'll hurt himself..for hours...if I let him (which I haven't yet, but would be tempted to try to see if he is "just testing" me or not, BUT that is another issue:eek:)...either way..so they are crated it is about 11:30pm and we are all going to sleep, their crate is in our bedroom btw.
    After about 20 minutes Pippin has had enough, he starts screaming, howling, crying and that escalates into biting the bars so I can hear his teeth grinding on the metal...of course it freaked us both out, since he has been fine in the crate for some time now, several months....this was very odd.
    So naturally I let him out thinking he had more pottying to do...but he refused to go outside..it had stormed really bad earlier in the evening, so God forbid, it was wet on the ground, which at the time I thought was the issue...back to sleep we tried to go:rolleyes:...nope..none of that was to be had..he ran in circles from our bedroom across our house to the kids' bedroom, back to ours digging in all of our beds, then off into the crate digging some more, whining the entire time.
    Meanwhile poor Moses just looked at him like he thought he was losing it...we did too. :eek:
    I checked him allover for wounds, thorns, bites, anything that might make him so erratic...nothing..at this time, now 2am, we crated him and Moses again, so he would at least leave the children's rooms alone, which of course lead to howling and crying and more biting on the crate..once more I let him out thinking he needed to go outside..again...but he still refused, I was even out there in the dead of night walking in circles but he would not step off our porch.
    Inside again I left him out of the crate but closed our bedroom door so he could at least just keep us awake..now we are in the 3 o'clock hour...by the time 4am rolled around, I again crated him and Moses, and tried to find that elusive sleep..didn't arrive, at 5am I moved to our sofa, hubby moved to one of the kids' beds and I closed the door to our bedroom and after a long 30 minutes Pippin finally settled down and slept...til my alarm went off at 6:15am....WHAT in the world was this about???

    Moses seemed unfazed by anything, so I was serisouly not suspecting the "time" of the year to be here, but could it be? What do I do..to help him calm down..anything or just let this run its course for the long 6 or so weeks......help me!!

  • BASENJI BREEDING SEASON, IMO!!! Get used to it! Moses is not a Basenji….. Pippin is

  • Houston

    yeah, that is what I was afraid of…how long do you estimate this might stick around?

  • Till mid Nov. Gambit has been very restless at night all week too even though it's Tempest who is currently in season. Wish she would come in too and get it over with. Next yr they are both going back to their breeder for a few weeks during mating season while we go to Greece. I planned our vacation during mating season for a reason.

  • It is definitely breeding season. Though my girls are not yet in season my boy is in rut. It usually seems to last at least a month but can last longer. Since L'Ox has already begun rut I am guessing I am in for closer to 2 months of it. Luckily he is not yet so bad but then he actually gets to check "his" girls to see if they are in season on a daily basis. I don't expect the howling and carrying on to start until he has to be separated from them.

  • My girls are dead in season…. C-Me is taking it the hardest this year... she is whinny and unhappy... rather wanting to spend most of her time in the dog room watching out the windows... Franie trys to engage her to play, C-Me not really interested. Makes the house pretty quiet without the hourly B 500 going on.

    Petra, could be 2 wks to 2 months for Pippin....

  • Houston

    NOOOO:eek:…. he is soo not like himself..looks almost miserable, yet clueless, as if he has no clue why he feels this way..and he slept almost all day today, keeps on wanting in his crate..so I closed the door to it so he engages a little in activities, I guess hoping he sleeps tonight...I am dragging big time..too old for these allnighter kind of affairs..hehe. Thanks for your ideas folks..hoping for a better night tonight. 🙂

  • Houston

    Here he is in his daze…

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  • DAP helped my household for "that time of the year" moods. It did NOT solve everything, but it did lower anxiety/whining

  • He sounds like he is physically uncomfortable. Could he be having an allergic reaction to something? Feel itchy? Hippo is going thru that right now. Part of his problem is rut, but part is that he is having an allergic reaction. But same thing, whining, pacing, staring…fun times...

  • This thread makes me so happy Oakley got neutered this past 1st of the month! Do neutered basenji males still experience these reactions?

  • In a word, they certainly can and do…. depends on the dog..... My OJ whinned the entire month of October from the time he was born till he passed over the rainbow bridge at 17+

  • Dolce is also in season, but thank goodness it is wearing her out so she has been sleeping a lot more than usual. I could get used to this!

  • First Basenji's

    I am having the same issue with Mojo. He has been so whiney lately, for about 2 weeks. Now he follows me all around the house- all day every day! He will jump up on me and start to chew my hands and arms, and then try to push my arm down. Our back yard is fenced in, so I put him outside until he calms down. He just turned 3. Is this normal behavior for mating season for male B.'s??

  • Kipawa was neutered on August 11th, and we are not seeing any unusual behaviors from him as the breeding season approaches. But he is still very young (1 year old). As for DAP, we tried all varieties of it - diffuser, spray and collar, when Kipawa was having too much excitement in the car, and it didn't work for that particular problem, though I am sure it could be useful in other situations.

  • I've also got a trip planned coming up (mid-October). I'm glad I'm not the only one dealing with odd behaviors. I was wondering why Kananga had been so grumpy after his naps recently, now it's all making sense. Completely forgot about this time of the year.

  • Houston

    Last night was much better…he slept like a baby, I used the DAP spray I had left over (thanks kids for spilling it all out in the car..) on his beddding and I also got rescue remedy..he zonked out and I actually checked on him three times through the night thinking he had passed away..(stupid I guess..). He slept almost all day yesterday, I actually locked his crate up so he would not go back there and sleep...so he slept on the couch, the front porch and even out in the yard, next to my daugther while she was playing with molding clay...he eats like he has not seen food ever (something he never did, he is usually a very slower eater, chewing each morsel very well), he follows my every move and I joke if I stop to sudden his nose will be between my legs..as he is attached to me...literally..poor thing..oh and he has this look of confusion, more so than before..just glad he got a good nights sleep last night, hoping tonight will be similar..

  • My Ama -a very amicable and easy dog at other times always used to spend at least the whole of September refusing to come in after his last pee break at night. We used to have to forcibly bring him in.

    My present males are not quite as bad but can be very temperamental at the breeding season aand I can't recall any other male I've had or fostered being any different neutered or no.

  • My neutered males and one of my spayed females are humping each other. The funny thing is it is usually boy on boy or girl on boy. They started doing this about two weeks ago. I had a spayed female about 9 years old who was a former commercial breeding dog who used to show Arnie how it should be done by humping him and then would flirt with him. I called Zippy a shameless hussy! Poor Arnie had never been bred and was neutered around 1 year old.


  • Houston

    Poor guy…I'm glad Kratos is fixed so we don't have that exact problem... We have been dealing with him being deathly afraid of things at night the last 2 months, hope he feels better soon

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