• For those of you interested in the dogs from Liberia which resulted from the long-term breeding program that actively selected for basenji-like traits in the dogs at the site, attached please find two pictures of the Liberian dogs produced by this selective breeding program. This is the dog type that was introduced through the Liberian outcross into the Basenji breed from the Congo.
    I have not asked anyone to take my word for the fact that these are not Basenjis.

  • Nevermind. I got the info I needed from the closed thread.

  • Just by way of background, those pix are from an excellent article by Veronica Tudor Williams that appeared in the May-June 1979 issue of the BCOA Bulletin. The article in its entirety (plus some additional pix) is available on the BCOA website in the African Stock Project Library. The title is "Colour - Sense of Nonsense." VTW makes an excellent point about Basenji type taking precedence over color and pattern. The article indicates that the photos Jo posted of the Liberian dogs were circulated originally to show how "Basenji like" they were - but it is fairly obvious if you read the full article that VTW did not agree.

  • I missed something somewhere. What is this a response to?

  • Robyn, go to Basenji Forums - Your Online Basenji Community > Basenji Breeding & Showing > Breeder Talk
    Imports and Process of stud book acceptance
    its a closed thread. This came up with other things before Alex shut it down.

  • Hi Robyn - My reply was in response to Dr. Jo's post about dominant blacks down from Liberian stock. I am new to the forums, so not entirely sure how things work here - but I was posting in response to the pix from VTW's article that Jo posted, just to give some background.

  • The photos in the first post were taken of dogs that were in Liberia but they have not, to my knowledge, ever been identified. There is no evidence that these animals were owned by anyone at the Firestone Plantation or if they were ever used in the breedings that were done there.

    There were only 4 Liberian-born dogs that entered the gene pool of our modern day Basenjis; Miliku, Kogi, Kiki of Cryon, and Taysenji Tahzu. I have not seen any photos of Miliku or Kogi but Kiki and Tahzu look like pure Basenjis to me.

  • I have been getting to know the BCOA through the BCOA archives, a fabulous endeavor that Donna DeFlorio (and all her helper bees) has been working hard at.

    I am currently reading the 1968 BCOA Bulletin https://www.basenji.org/Bulletin/1968BN/BN1968MA.pdf and happened upon some letters to the editors in reference to someone who sent in a picture of the Liberian black dogs. I remembered seeing this same pic posted by Jo and thought folks would like to read even more about what others thought of them.

    As I learn more, I will post more but hopefully folks can research stuff like this themselves using the archives - this is a great learning tool for members. There is always more than one side to every story and certainly more than one expert opinion. Both Coptokin and Horsley kennels were THE kennels of their time - one would hope they knew a basenji when they saw one. :-0

    It's also interesting to read of all the political BS that occurred at that time and seems to continue to this very day.

    Somethings never change, just the players involved. A life lesson to be sure.

  • Oops, forgot to tell you page numbers which could help. page 19 and continued on page 22. And page 32 for another note.

  • That is interesting and funny how the commentary could have been lifted word for word from the discussions going on today.

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