Oh gosh please post soon. Sending hugs and prayers.

Sending good thoughts for Ayo…..I hope it isn't an obstruction.
My first B swallowed a huge piece of cloth...off a guy that came into the yard..and I didn't know about until a week later when he got really sick. At the vets before they started doing the barium x-rays he vomited it up!

Keeping our fingers and paws crossed for Ayo and you.

I'm wishing for the very best outcome. Please keep us posted. Hugs to both you and Ayo.

Hoping that all goes well. We are sending healing thoughts. Hugs to you and Ayo.

Oh dear, hoping for good news from Ayo. Hugs.

Hope all goes well

First Basenji's

Thinking of Ayo…

any updates? we're thinking good thoughts here for Ayo

We are also thinking about Ayo and hoping that all is well. 🙂

Thanks everyone for your concern…. Sorry I didn't post sooner but its been a hectic two days!!! The doctor did not have to do the barium contrast because it was clear from the X-ray that there was, what he called a "foreign object" in his stomach.. There was no obstruction however, thank god, it had just irritated the stomach so much that he kept vomiting.. So they treated with an injection of " I think an antibiotic," was explained to me as serving to stop the vomiting, also omeprazole for the acidity, and metamusil!!!! I left him at the vet in the morning yesterday, while I went to work, and picked him up in the afternoon. He didn't throw up again, but last night, when I took him out, I thought he put something in his mouth so I went to check and I noticed that he had chipped one tooth and the the tips his top canines!!! He chipped the really small tooth right behind the canine!! I was so angry.. It seems he was so frustrated in the kennel at the vet at he started biting the cage!!! I couldn't believe it!!! I was first of all really pissed and worried !!! So, good news on his stomach but terrible turn of
events. So this morning I went and told the doctor, he was very upset that no one noticed, and he assured me that that would not be a problem in conformation!! ...so... That's that. IVe been so angry , I wish I had not left him there, but he had never done that!! How could I
have known.. Also, I can't really blame them, I mean, granted they should have noticed he was doing that but!!!! ..... This morning he passed the metamusil, so it seems whatever was in there will pass if it hasn't already!!! Today they repeated the treatment and I have to go back tomorrow....

How much is chipped off? Did they check to see if the root is exposed?

Yes, no from the canines, it's juts the very tip, barely noticeable, the other tooth, is a really tiny tooth behind the canine and it has more chipped, but no root exposed…. Should I do anything about it, or just leave it, is there someone that can be done?

If the root is not exposed then you can leave it. If the root is exposed then it will either need extracted or a root canal.

Glad to hear that the foreign object ordeal has come to a safe and mostly happy conclusion for you and Ayo.

Sorry to hear about the broken teeth 😞

So, there is a foreign object in his gut and they are not going to remove it? I find that a bit odd? Or are they hoping that he will be able to pass it?

Kind of suprised they are just leaving it in there? Or are they hoping he will pass it on his own?

There are what I call doggy dentists around too. My male had dental hypoplasia apparently caused by a high fever or a reaction to the parvo vaccine. I had to get most of his teeth worked on. They capped the canines (they looked like little hoodoo's) and they resurfaced and capped a few of the other teeth too. They use the same stuff that they use on humans (amalgum I think) so you can't even really tell that they have been done. If they are really bad and the dentin tubes are exposed they can cause serious discomfort in your dog. Once the teeth have reached maturity the dentin tubes close up a bit more and the root cavity becomes smaller and there is less irritation. That is my experience in the doggy-dental world. Oh and I finished the confirmation on my boy, it was no problem at all.

Thanks, no he just chipped the very tip of the canines and part of the other tooth but no exposed roots. I think the idea is that the " object" will pass, if it hasn't already. I guess to or row they will check! I think the thought is that it is probably a piece of bone. I remember he picked up a piece of chicken bone on the sidewalk, and I took it out of his mouth but I guess he managed to swallow some of it… There is always chicken bones on the street here. There is a lots of construction and for some reason construction workers think its ok to throw the bones on tHe sidewalks.. I guess for stray dogs to eat but... I keep having to take bones out of Ayos mouth!!!!.. Anyway tomorrow I will know what is up with the " object"... I don't think they are just going to leave it there!!,?. I hope not!!

my goodness, how horrible. I really hope Ayo will be ok. It's always so scary when they are in and out of the vets and you don't know what's going on. Our thoughts are with you.

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