• I have read some info on the forum about Bs vomiting bile. Does anyone know the physiology of this? Joey just the other day did this in the am before he ate. We fed him once a day and it seemed as tho he was losing weight, so now he is eating twice a day and finishing all his food. (Duh! Shows he wasn't getting enough!) So is the bile issue a factor of food consumption?

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    With our dogs it is a factor of empty tummies...possibly low blood sugar (?) In my experience it has been the dogs that appear to have the fastest metabolisms (have a hard time keeping weight on) that are the ones that are the most likely to vomit bile when hungry. I don't necessarily up the dogs food if they are vomitting bile, I may just spread the food out throughout the day, or add a biscuit.
    And be aware that just because a dog finishes his food, doesn't necessarily mean that he needs all those calories. Most dogs will eat until the food is gone, unlike cats that will nibble throughout the day.

  • Yeah, with ours it's also empty bellies, and they're both on the leaner side. The only adjustment I had to make was spreading the food out through the day.

  • Thanks! I do think Joey needs more food as he seemed skinnier than when we first got him and he wasn't finishing all his food in one sitting. That may have been from nerves being in a new place so I may need to only add additional meals until he gains a little weight. He is not food driven which has also made it more challenging to train him.

  • Always thought dogs were scavengers. But we took him on a 2-week camping trip to the Upper Peninsula - He didn't eat much - Maybe nervous about the long ride and new environment. But he had a couple episodes of the bile vomit in one day. I remembered reading about this phenomenon so to make him eat, I mixed up some of our leftover BBQ meat in his dish. He hasn't stopped begging for people food since.

  • We started feeding our B's twice a day because they were literally inhaling food at their once a day feeding. Every now & then TOPAZ would vomit bile so I figured she needed more food. We were feeding them both about 1 cup at each feeding mixed between wet food & dry kibble.

    I recently sent a pic to the breeders where we got them & she noticed that TOPAZ was developing a bit of a belly so she told us to watch her food intake. So we still feed twice a day but decreased the feedings to 3/4 a cup at each feeding for TOPAZ. She's at about 24lbs. Then she started vomiting bile again the last few days.

    Should I up her food again??

    I know I've read on other threads that maybe increasing the number of feeding times per day but I can't do this since I work & I can't give them a midday feeding.

  • jys1011, when my dog was a pup he refused to eat his morning feeding. so I tricked him by filling toys, such as a large KONG with his meal. he thought it was a toy filled w/ treats, but in reality, it was just his breakfast. just an idea if you want to give Topaz a midday feeding and aren't home - leave some filled KONG toys around for her to find. since my dog is crated while I'm out, I sometimes hide a filled KONG inside the crate - under blankets for him to find.

  • Jessi-great idea!! Like you my dog is also crated so I'll hide it under her bed. I hope she finds it b/c she's such a sleepy dog lol 😃

    Just when I thought I might give them run of the kitchen during the day…C3 surprised us one morning (as I was showering) ON TOP of the kitchen table with his nose in the kitchen sink :eek: So much for that idea!

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