• Dexter just threw up five times within the last 15-20 minutes. This is my first time dealing with something like that, so I don't know if that is normal. I saw on a site just now that it says that if the food looks undigested that it was probably that he ate too much? Which it did look like that, mixed with white liquid…I'm not sure if that was saliva or something else? If a dog vomits from overeating, would it be that much? Three of the times was a lot of solids, and twice was a lot of liquid with only a couple solid pieces...


    Also, should I leave his water with him so that he isn't dehydrated from vomiting, or will that only be something else to throw up?
    And my friend, who is the secretary/aid at a vet's office said that in the morning, I should only feed him very small amounts per hours just to watch and see if it will not make him start throwing up again? Is this good advice? But I will be in class tomorrow, so I can't really spread out his meals like that...

  • Throwing up can be life threatening for a puppy that young. Please, get him to the vet! It could be anything from a toxin to a disease. Yes, he needs water. I would give him something bland like rice which is easy to digest. Even give him a little karo syrup or any type of syrup to help keep his blood sugar up (about a tbs at a time every couple of hours), if you can't get him to vet tonight. But if he keeps throwing up, then classes become 2ndary to him getting to the vet.


    Dog Vomiting

    Dog vomiting can be an unsettling spectacle to witness. Not only is your dog uncomfortable, but he may also be suffering from something a bit more serious than a simple puke-fest. There are many, many different reasons why dogs vomit. Dog vomiting can be the result of anything from a simple upset stomach to canine parvovirus. Other serious illnesses or conditions that can cause dog vomiting include: dog poisoning, dog worms, distemper, heat stroke, bacterial infections, food allergies, and ear disease, to name just a few. In order to diagnose the cause of your dog’s vomiting, especially if it is the result of any of the above conditions, you should visit your vet for a solid diagnosis and to receive the appropriate medications. If you suspect that dog vomiting is caused by something more serious than a dislike of your dog’s current kibble, you should contact your vet immediately.

  • Oh boy, this is sad to hear. But if you truly care about your puppy, you have to put him first in this situation. Skip the class. Get him to the vet A.S.A.P. As far as the class, ask someone if you can borrow their notes. Speak to the instructor to get a synopsis of the class. There are a number of ways to work around a skipped class. Please keep us posted.

  • The other thing I would worry about is some sort of blockage. Did you end up using the puppy pads for his potty issue, and if so, do you know if he chewed any of them? I would definitely leave water down for him, do you know if he can hold that or is he throwing that up also? I've never withheld water when my fur kids have been sick as I would worry too much about dehydration - and I use it as a measure as to what is really going on. Usually if they are throwing up the water also, off to the vet they would go.

  • Take him to the Vet…. (had he been to the Vet since you brought him home?)

  • I didn't take Dexter to the vet for two reasons. 1)I called the vet and they just told me that if he hasn't thrown up all night (which I called this morning, and he hadn't thrown up again) and if he was eating and drinking and playing like normal that he should be fine, and that it was probably from overeating. They said that if he threw up again to get a sample of the vomit and bring him in immediately. ALSO, I figured that it WAS probably from overeating because I realized that my friend and I both fed him lunch, so he did eat more than he was supposed to.
    and 2)I emailed my teachers because I had TWO tests this morning (yes two- of course on the night that Dex is sick, and they both said that if I wasn't personally in the hospital or at a funeral that I had better be there for the test. And, I couldn't afford to fail the tests, because we only have a few grades per class, WHICH means that If I do very poorly in a class, I could lose my scholarships and it is a really big deal. So I figured that once I got out of class, if he had thrown up again I would take him immediately, but he seems completely fine. Actually, he seems more energetic today than usual. I'm keeping a close eye on him though.

  • I'm glad Dex is better… What I recommend - since I am back at university again also, is to create a designated second parent to your pup so if he really needed to go to the vet you have a friend who could take him in if you ABSOLUTELY couldn't be there.

  • He is pooing as normal yes?

  • Yes, he is.

  • Glad he is okay! And I agree, you need a back up doggie parent 🙂

  • This is off topic, but has Dexter had a series of puppy shots yet?

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