• Hi, I already posted once a few days ago but only joined the forum recently and wanted to introduce myself. I have a Basenji mix (half Chihuahua, half B- I know you guys mostly have purebreds), but he thinks of himself as a full Basenji and his name is Luke. A friend found him wandering the streets in a bad part of town as a puppy. He was such a handful at first, but once I figured out that he is half B, his behavior fit. While he is wild, he is also such a sweet boy and he is a mama's boy. He's turning 3 in October, and has been taking agility lessons for over a year and now competes in an agility league. I'm so happy I found this forum and I love reading all the great B stories! Also, we'd love to meet up with anyone living in the Los Angeles area for play dates.

  • Welcome. We would love to see photos and answer any questions we can to help you with your new family member.

  • Thanks! I've actually had him since June of '09, so he's been with me for a while. He's just so much fun. I also have a senior brindle pit mix, and work rescuing dogs, so I have an occasional foster. My B and pittie are very close and my B just adores him and they're always snuggling. They are my baby boys 🙂
    Okay I'm going to attempt to attach photos to this post- but please forgive me if they come out large or not right. I'm not great with this kind of stuff

  • First Basenji's

    Ha! I love that jacket! And welcome.

  • Oh, I love pits..wonderful dogs with a major bad rap. Thanks for the photos! They came through great.

  • Thanks! Yes, Luke actually likes to wear a jacket or two haha. He gets cold easily. And my pittie is the sweetest. They do get a bad rap- I love when people who think they are just scary dogs meet my pit, and realize how loving and loyal they are if raised with lots of love. My pit and B are such an odd couple, but it's true brotherly love!

  • tee, we have a wonderful p/b rescue up here Seattle way. Called Bulls Eye. They have such lovely pits and do all sort training with them. Do you know that group? Anyway, to make this basenji related, where did you get you mix from??

  • I haven't heard of them, but there are so many rescues. I'm always amazed when I meet more rescue people just in LA- there are just so many. The pitties need good people on their side. As for my Basenji- my friend knows I rescue and has brought me dogs over the years from her neighborhood. Her neighborhood is pretty unsafe, and there is a lot of backyard breeding and dumping going on there. My B had been wandering the neighborhood in the same area for a few days and my friend found him and gave me a call after asking around to see if anyone owned the dog. I searched for his owners, with no luck. Since he stuck around the same area for a few days, he would've been easy to find if an owner was looking. He was most likely dumped or just got out of the yard, and no one looked for him. I could tell by his behavior that he'd most likely lived in a yard, and never in a house. He was 8 months old when I got him. Originally I was going to just foster him and find him a new home, but I fell in love.

  • Great pictures!

  • Welcome 🙂

    Love the picture of both your dogs together!

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