• Hello. I need some help. My basenji, Zoe, is covered in red whelts and her belly is all red splotches. The whelts r little knots like mosquito bites, but not itchy. They keep multiplying….I have had her to the vet three times. Steroids, epi, and benadryl and it is still there. Has anyone else had this?? They are saying insect bite or pollen or.......?? Thx for any help. My baby is just pitiful and it's so frustrating that I can't help her....

  • I am no expert, but this sounds a lot like so,something Ayo had last year . It turned out to be dog lice, veery hard to see, was misdiagnosed first as an allergic reaction. I noticed there was a little red dot on the bites and then I took one and it moved!!!!. very uncommon in the states, but veery common here. .. Just something to consider.

  • Can you take a picture? That may help spur some ideas.

  • Or do you have red ants?

  • One of my friends borzoi puppies got chiggers this yr, but that would cause itching too.

  • Thx all. I will post a pic. I thought it might be red ants. We do have some on our fence. I am walking her by leash in the front yd now…... I am considering a big bubble after this!

  • Poor baby, sounds like you have all the meds covered, I'm surprised she isn't better with steroids and benedryl. Hope she is better soon, how long has this been going on? Might be time to see a new vet, just for "new eyes" and a different perspective. Most docs (human) decide what it is, then try all different treatments, when they may have mis-diagnosed all along.
    Good luck!

  • Kell gets red tummy periodically and so does Rogue, Benedryl would not touch it, neither would cortizon, so I think someone here suggested Funky dog, which I ordered online and now I keep it on hand, takes about 2 days for redness to go away until the next time which may be weeks or months down the road. I just ordered my 2nd container of it to have here. I also ordered their organic bath bar and spray for fleas. So far so good.

  • It could be a reaction to grass or pollen, but if so, using benedryl and wiping her off EVERY time she is outside should help.

    I had never heard of funky dog! Tried to look it up but couldn't as that seems to be company, not product. Give me a link please!

  • Here is the website, when you get there just enter funky dog on the search line.


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