Tucker :D

This is Tucker, Mom and Dad's new addition. I'm trying to get them to take more pictures …. but these are all I have for now.

He has been settling in just fine, Mom says he has quite the mischievous streak. 😉 a bit of marking issues, but other wise he has quickly won over everyone's heart. Mom is extremely fond of him. He also is enjoying Pearl's company - no major spats between the two - and they have started sleeping together. All and all a happy ending. Thanks so much to Therese for making it possible!!!

He's a handsome boy. Looks like he's happy with his new home. 😃

Wonderful, great news. He is a good looking boy.

What a handsome boy! Glad to hear he's settling in so well.

Tucker is a beautiful boy! Your parents must be thrilled.

First Basenji's

He is very handsome! Good Luck! It does feel good to have them 'settle' in-sounds like a great start!

He is certainly a handsome boy - pleased that he and Pearl are getting on oK.

He's handsome! Big congrats to your mom and dad 🙂

Excellent Lauren! Maybe we'll see Tucker in person. Did he come from Medfly?


He is a handsome fella and his name is so adorable.
I am happy to hear that he is settling in well…

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