Some holiday snaps

Malaika and Kwame spent some time in Southwest Scotland last week

Kwame tries on his jumper, Malaika says "That's just not your colour, give it to me !"

Sniffing the fresh air

Kwame hates the wet stuff

Malaika shows how it's done

Checking out the view

Checking out a razor shell

Oh Malaika, what big teeth you have

Sleepy Boy

Malaika's favourite spot by the radiator

Dog tired

Great photos - they are so precious! thanks for posting!

ooooh, i love that little tummy spot!
thanks for sharing

What a gorgeous pair 🙂

LOVE the shot of the two of them in the grass! Really, just a great set of pictures of two adorable dogs!

Thanks everyone

Oh! Your basenji's are beautiful! Thank you for posting your photos so we can all enjoy them.

They are so lovely, thanks for sharing!


They are both so striking, you are one lucky mommy..I love the grass picture too…and the teeth one wow.

What a pretty pair!:)


Oh Malaika, what big teeth you have

I love this pic - anyone with multiples can relate! :D:D:D

Lovely pictures - two very sweet Basenjis!

What awesome photos!

Great pictures!!!

I loved to see them!!!

More please 😃

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