Got my B an early holiday present….

  • With how cold it's been lately (and how ungodly expensive it can be to run the heat all day), I figured I could get him something to enjoy while I'm home. I wish I could run it during the day while I'm away, but that probably wouldn't be a good idea.

    At least he's happy when I'm around. 😃

  • What a perfect gift for a basenji! If there was a little heater someplace in this house Shaye would probably try to figure out how to wrap herself around it! Pretty obviously Kananga is a very happy boy!

  • Really the perfect gift for a B 😃

  • Bliss, that's all i can say 🙂

  • A Basenji in charge of heat control. Must be his idea of heaven!

  • Houston

    happy happy know how to be an awesome basenji parent.

  • I bet he loves it… well I can tell from the pictures he loves it... I cant imagine what its like for them where you have such cold weather. These days its been pretty cold for us here, about 18 or 19 celcius,69, 68 farhenheit at night and, Ayo is always trying to cuddle up with me, which he never did too much before!!! Imagine where its really cold!!

  • Wow, you can tell he loves that heater. He's found a new best friend!

  • It's amazing how close he sits to it. The front of his body gets incredibly warm from it, but he seems to enjoy it. Crazy pups they are…..

  • When we got our first basenji, we heated our old house with only a fireplace. He had never been inside when we rescued him, but he became a house dog quickly. When we first lit the fire in the fall, he was afraid of it, but as the temp dropped, he got closer till we were afraid he would climb into the flames! He never got burned, but he was never far from the flames!

    Kanaga looks very happy with his Christmas gift, good choice!

  • What an awesome idea!

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