• Benji would like to say a big 'hello' to all his brothers and sisters around the world! Benji lives in the UK near to Liverpool. He is 13 years old and whilst looking far younger than his years he did suffer a seizure a few weeks ago. Benji's Dad has been very worried - we hope that it does not happen again!

  • Hello, welcome to the forum.
    Nice to see another UK member.
    I look foward to hearing more about Benji and maybe seeing some pics (hint, hint),lol
    Has Benji seen the vet since his seizure.
    Our first Basenji was called Benji, he developed seizures when he was about 13 years, they were due to a liver problem.

  • Houston

    Hi and Welcome onboard Benji 🙂

  • Hi Benji

    Are you the Benji that i have heard lots about? Are you friends with Holly and Skipper - also on the Wirral?? What a small world it is 😉

    Sorry to hear about your seizure Benji, maybe May could give you some advice as I know Skipper has been having fits for a couple of years now.

    I would love to see some pics of you too 🙂

  • Hope things will be okay with your Furbaby

  • I've been looking at Benji's pedigree and see that he is half sister to my Antefaa Nakura Wood Nymph and also uncle of my two homebred boys, Chance and Trouper 🙂

  • Greetings 🙂

  • Hi from Canada, Benji! I hope you get the seizure problem worked out. And as others have said, would love to see a picture or two of you!

  • Welcome!! 🙂

  • Welcome to you (P…) and Benji, so pleased to see you on here!. I hope the seizure was a one-off but i'm sure you'll get plenty of valuable advice here if not. Do get in touch with M & L they have a wonderful vet for Skipper in Oswestry.

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