Saying hello

Hi All,
My name is Steve and 3 weeks a go I adopted Max from BRAT. He is a 5 yr old red and white Male and it was love at first meeting. All he wants to do is be next to us and be loved.
He likes being the only dog in the house, just like my first B. We lost him to Cancer when he was 14 and now waits for me at the Rainbow bridge, health and as fit as a puppy.
As for my wife and I, we are retired and I am a DYI 'er.
Nice to meet all,

Welcome… to both you and and Max....

Welcome !! Any pictures of the cuddler?? lol 🙂

Hello, and welcome to the pack! Pictures!! we love pictures. 🙂

Welcome to the pack! And yes when you get the chance do post some pictures … we're addicted to them.

Hello & welcome to the forum:D

Welcome to the pack. Glad that you found us, even for experienced B owners this forum is a wonderful wealth of information and a great community that understands all the crazy that comes with living with these great dogs. 🙂

Hi and thank you all for the warm welcome. I tried to scan some pictures but it didn't work so i went out to day a got one of those new digitals. As soon as it's charged and i figure out how to use it I'll send pictures of Max. He is becoming very vocal so I guess he he likes it here and has decided stay. He greeted me with 2 very nice broo's today. He has also figured out how to take off the gentile lead and the easy walk harness. He must be part sled dog.
Talk again soon,

Welcome from Denmark!



Hi, Sorry for the long delay in thanking you for the welcome.

Steve and Max

Hi! Welcome to the forum, my B, Sahara is also a red & white. My hubby, Sahara and I live on the coast of NC. We just love our B to pieces, she is the sweetest dog, and is also a family cuddler. She just wants to be where we are, like right now she is laying behind my back in my computer chair. I have to share with her, sometimes she gets on our neck and just cuddles up, but not as often as she use to do, she is longer and bigger now. She is almost 3 this January and I just found out through DNA that she is a Fanconi affected Basenji, from her Sire and Dam. Please have your B tested so you can be ready to treat if it has the dreaded Fanconi. There is a Protocol now for the disease and my Baby will have the best I can get for her is she does indeed develop the disease. She might not ever get it, I don't know, I just pray for her to be healthy. So take care and get those pics on here soon, Yea, we love Pictures!!!!:D

My Max is 5 1/2 and all he wants to do is be near us. He sleeps with us and he's my second skin. Max is an exceptionally large B. He's 35 pounds of pure mussel.
Pictures will be posted soon.

We will love to see photos when you can get them on line, and if you have any issues with your rescue b, we are here to help.

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