SAFE! Pearl got away from her new home!!!


This is my worst nightmare. I will send good prayers to all and this little b most of all.

I know. I wish I lived a little closer so I could help. It was 97 F today so I hope she was able to find some shade and water. Pearl was (possibly) a stray before so I'm hoping she is street savvy.

Worse nightmare. I tell adopters to double collar if they MUST walk (ie not a fenced yard) until the dog has a couple of weeks to bond and learn their location; crate if the door has to be opened, etc. Sending prayers. šŸ˜ž

sending out prayers for a safe return - I can't imagine the anguish of losing a dog!

First Basenji's

I hate hearing these kinds of stories, and especially about new adopteesā€¦ Heartbreaking to imagine the emotional swing from joy to anguish. I hope they are able to get her back soon!

Just heard Pearl has been sighted very recently. There is still hope!

Pearl is home! Nicole just called me with the good news! She looks goodā€¦just needs a bath. Thanks to everyone who helped search for her. And Special thanks to Karin TarQwyn, the "K9 P.I." who gave invaluable (and free, I believe) advice on how to develop the approach which successfully helped to find her.

Now everyone can enjoy the BRAT convention without worry.


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Woohoo! Thanks for the update!


Awesome, Such amazing news to click onto here..jippea!

I love happy endings. Or is it a begining??
either way, excellent news

That's wonderful news!

Whew thank goodness! That is great news to start the day with!

Awesome news! So good to hear it!

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