Found Girl in Atlanta- 5/25/11
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Well if nothing else, looks like a suitable home will be had.

Ha, ha….sounds like she is in good hands!


The author of the ad needs to quit being so reticent and learn to speak up and say what they're thinking! 🙂

ROFLMAO. I swear that is not me.

I am happy this b was p/u and not loose in traffic.


ROFLMAO. I swear that is not me.

don't deny it! it must be… there can't be two of you in georgia of all places!

LOL ya know years ago some comedian wrote that southerners are polite right up to the point they poke you in the nose. I suspect GA is full of "me" type people, lol. Hey in the south "he needed killing" is a legal defense. In fact, in GA if you hit someone for using "fighting words" you can often get off as it being provoked!

That is the best "found" ad I have ever read!!!!

I like what she had to say and I love the fact you speak up or this baby will have a good home.

Rita Jean

Someone should email her and congradulate her on her ad. This is priceless.

Great ad - she certainly knows how to set everyone straight. So glad she found that B and will be sure it gets a good home. She's right, some people are a$$holes.

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