FOUND-NYC-Brooklyn-PB Neutered Tri Male-In Shelter-1/31/12

This boy is at the NYCACC-Brooklyn Shelter. Is anyone missing him? He was turned in today-1/31/12. His owner and/or rescue needs to get him ASAP as kennel cough is rampant at the NYCACC shelters. I do not know if he has a microchip. Here is his Petharbor page:

Could someone please notify BRAT? If he has a bad evaluation, only a New Hope Rescue Group can get him out unless his owners come get him. He will also be listed on the Facebook group Urgent Part 2 under Photos and Urgent - Brooklyn - Staten Island. This is a group that helps dogs get rescued/adopted from the NYCACC. He was not listed yet on Facebook as of 6:00 p.m. EST on 1/31/12.


Saw the Lost ad on Petfinder and contacted the owner. He is at the shelter now picking up his dog! Thank goodness the shelter has late hours and the dog does not have to stay overnight.


Yayyy! He looked scared, bet he'll be happy to see his owner.

Hey, that worked out great; I sent your notification in to BRAT, and they had just received a lost dog notice on this guy – his name is BIKO.

Someone just posted on the Yahoo MDG Basenji list (for BCOA members) about a lost tri? Wonder if this same. I will forward this information

Opps… just saw that he was reunited with his owner... way to go

Love when there are happy endings!

And fast! The miracle of modern communications!

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