• Please help us find Sana, a 25 lb black/brown/white female basenji. She is small, with pointy ears and nose, and resembles a fox. She escaped from my house on Oak St. on Halloween at around 8 PM . We have possible sightings of her on Park Ave near the Oak and Park Market yesterday and maybe today on Douglas St. We have reason to believe she has spent some time at the cemetery/park on Highland St. She is EXTREMELY shy and will most likely not approach strangers, but is gentle. Please, if you see her, do not attempt to grab her but give us a call ASAP, no matter what time of day or night. It is very cold and she does not know the area, as she is my mom's dog and is only visiting. There is a REWARD for information that leads to her recovery. Please call 315-807-7777 or 781-234-4690 with any sightings or information.


  • I posted this on Facebook. Hopefully there may be someone there that can help or who has seen her.

  • This girl is still missing. 😞

  • Hurray, two dogs found in one day!!! 🙂 🙂 Thanks to all that were looking. I just hope if any of us lose one of our precious b's, that the happy endings will come this soon.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

    Here is the message from Sana's family:

    Thank you to everyone who responded to my previous posts about my mother's missing female basenji. We found Sana today, skinny and filthy but all in all okay. She traveled from my house in Eastwood all the way to Brewerton and then back to North Syracuse, where she was spotted by a very kind family who called my mom. She was missing over three weeks and spent a great deal of that running up and down and across Rt 11. My mom is only in town for less than 48 hours this visit, just for Thanksgiving, and had only arrived a few hours before we got the call, so it really is a Thanksgiving miracle. Again, thanks for all the kind words, prayers and offers of help. Sana is home safe and sound.

  • very good news. more to be thankful for

  • Wow, another one found!

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