LOST-CO-Aurora/Denver-2 Black & White-1 F/1M-Both Purebreds-Brother & Sister
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    This was posted on Petfinder under lost pets! These dogs were lost on Friday-1/20/12-11:45 p.m. I do not know if they have been found. If anyone is in the area and can help with the search, please contact the person in the ad!


    I do not know if this will bring up the individual ads-there are two ads-one for each dog! There is a picture of each dog.


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  • thanks - i forwarded it on to some colorado people closer to arurora. hopefully they'll be home soon

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  • Oh, no! They're our basenji's littermates. I hope they're found safe and soon.

    I wonder if they found the male as he's not listed anymore.

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  • The male was found dead, she is still looking for the female. I remember Jae showing both of them at the nationals this year and they were really cute.

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  • Oh, my heart breaks for this family… including those of you distantly related to these pups. I'm praying there's a happy ending for the female.

    Hugs and roos.... this is a sad weekend for this family.

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  • I just can't stop thinking about this. I've been hugging my boy just a little tighter.

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