Lost Tri Girl in San Francisco

Received this on another list, looks like the contact is Karen Jones from Medfly. I do not have any other details at this time
Ceci said the dog was lost at #58 Second Street, San Francisco if that is any help to someone out there.
Begin forwarded message:
----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Karen Jones

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Some more info –

Basenji lost in downtown San Francisco, Financial District. Lost TODAY 4/13 approx. noon, around the address of 58 2nd Street, cross streets Market and Mission. Female, 4 yrs old, microchipped, no collar/tag. Unfamiliar with city, likes kids. She entered the elevator without her human's notice and exited on the street floor and escaped. Please call Karl (owner) at 415-608-9636 or breeder Cecily at 951-315-2159 if seen.

Attaching a picture.


She has been found, owners are on their way to the vet to have her checked out

First Basenji's

Such a relief! Do you know how they found her?

A man found her in a park and took her to animal control who had been alerted to be on the watch for her.

I love happy endings! 🙂

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