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    Reward $ 500.00 for Lost Dog (Garland,Tx.)

    Date: 2010-12-31, 3:07PM CST
    Reply to: comm-y8wg6-2137862858@craigslist.org

    He is golden hair with white color . He is a boy and his name is " Trucker"
    Trucker was raised around us all his life. We were there when he was born and his mother and father had three other just like him
    We were given Trucker on the promise that we never separate them from their family of two boys and two girls. Trucker is a gift
    to us . Trucker is like part of the family since birth, family outtings very always special for Trucker being surrounded by kids all
    the time . Trucker loves to run and play with kids, he thinks he is a kid. We all love and miss him dearly. If you want to not say your
    name when you find Trucker that's okay the offer still stands. Plz if you have Trucker plz consider that a whole family misses him of 14
    grand kids that love hm and that they are use to playing with him. Plz don't isolate him he will get sad. Trucker loves the freedom of
    running on an open field, and loves when kids are running with him. Trucker is a happy dog, plz don't make him unhappy by holding him
    instead of giving him back. We let Trucker go out side on his own but he always returned on two weeks ago he didn't come back home.
    I know someone has him and does not want to return him but plz remember this dog has been loved since birth. If their is a god, let him bless you for returning Trucker. plz contact Sarah
    or Daniel @ (214) 564-9460 ( trucker is a Basenji dog weighs 25 pounds.)

    Location: Garland,Tx.

  • I really hope he's found/returned. Letting him out on his own unsupervised is really taking a chance. Like leaving a dog tied up outside a store. Dogs get stolen. He could have chased a squirrel or a rabbit for some distance then got disoriented and scared.

  • Trucker is still missing… I emailed Greg's hints to them, perhaps we can have another happy ending? 🙂

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