Found- R/W girl, Kimberling City MO- 12/18

  • Ad on Craig's List reads as follows. I've emailed to see if they've found her home yet…

    Found Basenji Female Dog (Kimberling City )

    Date: 2010-12-18, 12:18PM CST
    Reply to:

    Found small female Basenji Dog in Kimberling City, Mo. In perfect shape, can tell it has been taken care of, If this is your dog or if you recognize her and know where she belongs , please call 417-739-2300

    Location: Kimberling City
    it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

  • **ATTENTION, My Rescue Friends!!!!
    Here is the answer about this girl… can anyone help?

    No luck so far. It is not a good situation, the people that found her are not able to keep her. They fed her so she is just hanging around their back yard. I told them I would try and help find the owner by posting it on Craiglist. But I am not sure if she will stay there or run off. Is it possible for the rescue group you are talking about taking care of her until the owner is found? Marcel

  • If there is anyone on here from BRaT near Springfield MO… Marcel has captured this girl and she is safe on her back porch in a kennel... she is trying to find the owner but will have to surrender her before Christmas...

    Can you please contact Marcel at the phone number listed above, or if you want to email her, send me a message at pertmm at, and I will forward her email address to you.

    Thank you everyone! This beautiful girl is missing her family!

  • The owner of this girl hasn't been found yet… Debbie from BRAT is in contact with Marcel!
    Here is Marcel's email from this afternoon:

    I took her to the vet and had her checked and no chip. I called the
    police dept, the local radio station, put up flyers, and called the
    animal conrol, animal shelter, and the 4 local vets. No luck.

    I hope that someone here can help this girl! 🙂

  • I am grateful for Debbie at BRAT, because I believe this lost girl is now in the hands of BRAT! It's amazing that when people cry for "help!", others hear the call and step up to help…. I understand that Debbie called Marcel's vet (where she brought this girl), and provided her credit card... so that this wonderful soul wouldn't be lost in the system.

    Happy Holiday Moments happen all the time. My hope is that the girl can be reunited with her family... and if that is not to be, then I pray that Debbie can help her find a true forever home!

    🙂 Ho! Ho! Ho! (or is it Roo! Roo! Roo! ??)

  • A big BAROO to Debbie and Patty M THANK YOU!

  • Hey Patty- I sent this to your message board but just in case you didnt get it….

    12-22-2010 11:47 PMBendaTXBRAT
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    She will need to go to this link, rehome a basenji, and fill it out the best she can.

    Once she fills it out, it will be assigned to the which ever coordinator is available. I think.... off the top of my head, Tonya Christionson or Tonya Ahrens.

    Here is the link she needs:

    let me know if you need anything e;se

  • Great job Patty, and BRAT, for helping this girl.

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