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    Perhaps some of our Atlanta members can help solve this mystery? Here is the ad… no pictures were provided:

    Found Basenji 5/25 (Sandy Springs/Dunwoody)

    Date: 2011-05-28, 1:37PM EDT
    Reply to: comm-fgxmw-2407864889@craigslist.org

    Did I kidnap your child? If so, please send me an email describing her markings. She was spotted Wednesday evening dodging cars near Roswell Road. In addition to teaching her not to play in the street, you really should have taught her not to take dog food from strangers, which is how I lured into my white unmarked Honda.

    She's a small dog and can't weigh more than 17 pounds, she also has a tendency to run around in circles like a mad-woman. Other activities include torturing my 13-year-old cat and knocking over trashcans.

    I would describe her as short-haired, curly-tailed with bat ears. I was told by several sources that she is a young full-blooded Basenji. She also appears to be unspayed. (I won't get into how i feel about that).

    I took her to a veterinarian, who said she did not have a microchip.

    Based on her energy levels and how fast she can run, i would not be surprised if she had traveled some distance.

    If you think this is your child please send an email and I will respond promptly. If this is your dog, I will need photographic evidence, detailed information on her markings and other information only the owner can provide. She's not going home with just anyone. If you just dropped her off in our neighborhood like an uncaring a$$hole, please be assured that she is happy, healthy and much better off without you.

    If i do not hear back from the owner in a week, I'm adopting her out to a very nice man who has owned several Basenji's before. He has a nice big back yard and treats his dogs better than most people treat their children.


  • The author of the ad needs to quit being so reticent and learn to speak up and say what they're thinking! 🙂

  • Well if nothing else, looks like a suitable home will be had.

  • Ha, ha….sounds like she is in good hands!

  • @LindaH:

    The author of the ad needs to quit being so reticent and learn to speak up and say what they're thinking! 🙂

    ROFLMAO. I swear that is not me.

  • I am happy this b was p/u and not loose in traffic.

  • @DebraDownSouth:

    ROFLMAO. I swear that is not me.

    don't deny it! it must be… there can't be two of you in georgia of all places!

  • LOL ya know years ago some comedian wrote that southerners are polite right up to the point they poke you in the nose. I suspect GA is full of "me" type people, lol. Hey in the south "he needed killing" is a legal defense. In fact, in GA if you hit someone for using "fighting words" you can often get off as it being provoked!

  • That is the best "found" ad I have ever read!!!!

  • I like what she had to say and I love the fact you speak up or this baby will have a good home.

    Rita Jean

  • Someone should email her and congradulate her on her ad. This is priceless.

  • Great ad - she certainly knows how to set everyone straight. So glad she found that B and will be sure it gets a good home. She's right, some people are a$$holes.

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