Greetings from the Sunshine State!`

  • My fiance Brian and I got our CoCoRosie on February 14th 2011, she was 10 weeks old, since we got her we have realized Basenji's are the dogs for us! Their active nature, curiosity and adorable disposition make them wonderful dogs, we did A LOT of research before getting a Basenji and were heartbroken to hear so many people return Basenji's because they just don't understand the nature of the breed 😞 We hope to meet other local Basenji owners through this forum. Basenji play date anyone?

  • Welcome. Who did you get your Basenji from? Many of us are related by our Basenjis.

    And not only is it that people do not research the breed, they don't go to responsible breeders that screen people interested in the breed and educate them first.

  • I got mine from miBre's Basenji in Homestead, Fl. The breeders are a wonderful caring family and they definitely quizzed us before showing us the puppies!!! Brian and I took about two to three weeks to read thoroughly and research illnesses an life expectancies. When we got to MiBre's they had a couple of pups left and our CoCo picked us!!! We love that she is very friendly and loves to cuddle! She is quite clever as well, definitely keeps us on our feet 🙂

  • First Basenji's

    Welcome. The music geek in me appreciates your Basenji's name. Pictures, please?

  • Welcome to the forum - great advice and chat here.

  • Welcome! If you are ever up Tampa way, we have a Sunday meet-up with anywhere form 6 or 8 to 20 basenjis in a large, shady dog park.
    Welcome to the Forum, we need to see photos of CoCoRosie.

  • I actually want to go up soon to visit Busch Gardens! Any Daycamps you recommend? We just came back from Disney World and they have an AMAZING PetCare right within Walt Disney World! Its affordable and she seemed veery happy! Let me know, maybe we can make it to a meet and greet while in Vacation 🙂

  • Glad you found us..I look forward to watching your basenji grow.

  • CoCoRosie is gorgeous - congratulations!

  • She is gorgeous! There are some good doggie Daycare places here in Tampa, I don't know of any right near Busch Gardens though. We have Camp BowWows (near the airport) and a place called Fuzzy Buddies (near Ybor City).

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