• That this forum seems to have turned into a dumping grounds for poor Basenjis?! I'm glad they come here, don't get me wrong…but this is exactly what I was worried about. So many people get Basenjis, thinking they are just a dog...when they can't handle them they dump them...or if they have a baby, they dump them. This makes me so very sad for those B's.

    I'm truly disturbed how many people don't do their research and get our beautiful breed then dump them. My heart goes out to all those B's that lose their homes due to people who don't educate themselves about the breed.

  • Hi annandael,

    We did notice that more and more people are coming to the forums looking to find homes for their unwanted basenjis. It's sad but its probably better that they get advice here on the forums instead of their local pet store.

    Who knows what these people would do with the dog if they did not get advice from other members on the forums. We think that the existence of Basenji Forums on the internet is somehow helping to educate future basenji owners and make sure the unwanted dogs end up in good hands.

    So let's continue to make Basenji Forums bigger resource, educate future owners and help others.

  • Who knows if we're a "dumping ground"– there's probably always been that much turn over, but with today's technology, we're so much more connected. I personally would rather they come to a good, knowledge source of people who know and love the breed than just put them on petfinder or take them to the pound. I think we have a group of people who are interested in more than just "dogs" but rather four legged family members. Don't be disheartened. For every one Basenji that you read about, there are tons and tons of mutts and others who, by no fault of their own, find themselves being pushed out the door for whatever reason. It's a sad reality. But thankfully there are groups like us who exist to help out when needed. 🙂

  • And also- isn't it better for a family to have tried to be a good home to a dog than for the dog to sit in a petstore cage for months and months? Even if the family admits that a Basenji was more than they bargained for, it doesn't make them bad people. Situations change. Sometimes it can be helped. Other times it can't. I LOVE Basenji's and sometimes even I feel like mine are too much. But I am committed to the things I take on. And I stick with them and know that they're animals who, with lots of training, we can learn to (mostly) live with in harmony. I think people today have a real lack of committment. To work, to marriage, to life. No one follows through like they used to. Someone's word doesn't mean as much anymore. It's a sad reality. I think people should try harder and realize that life does not consist solely of sunny moments, but rather of an array of emotions that make us appreciate the next. Life sucks sometimes. And it's often unfair. And that's just life. The happiest people in life are not necessarily the ones who have the most, they are the ones who make the most of what they have.

    I got a rescue Basenji one month ago. He drew blood the first two days with our resident B. He's put holes in our couch and has shed like a dried flower. He's pee'd in the house, pooped 11 diahhrea piles, and consistently howls like a tornado siren when we crate him. Last week after having major surgery on my face to repair a deviated septum, the little guy kicked me right in the beak. This morning, he puked before 6am and then demanded to go out. When we returned, he did Indianapolis 500 before I caught him and told him that my downstairs neighbor did not appreciate that as I threw him back under the covers and told him to go night-night.

    Do I regret getting another Basenji? No. Is he a lot of work? Yes. That's what I signed up for. But it's all those heartaches and crummy times that I look back at and laugh –or say, "God that sucked" that make me smile and adore him. Nothing that ever came easy was ever worth much. I wish we could go back to a time when people took more pride in earning something (like a dog's trust, love, and devotion). And they appreciated what they had worked so hard for. And people didn't throw in the towel so quickly when the going gets tough.

    I think today's lack of committment is also reflected in today's parenting styles- or lack there of. Afterall, aren't pets the fore-runner to having kids? lol... Dogs are like the eternal toddler who cannot take care of themselves. We create a dependency. And we owe it to them to be good parents. Kids don't just inherently know what we want them to do or when to go to the bathroom or what is 'right' and 'wrong' (which is all perception anyways). It takes work. And practice. And people should be just as realistic with a dog as they would with a kid. People just need a reality check. And more committment.

    Anyways, I think I just went off on a huge rant. Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox now. 🙂 Night y'all. I feel better now that I have solved the world's problem... lol

  • Great posts BDawg! I totally agree. I am glad these forums are easily accessible by people who want to rehome their Basenji. As we all know, they aren't the dog for everyone…and each one deserves a chance to be in a home where he is wanted.

  • Like I said in my original post: "I'm glad they come here, don't get me wrong…"

    I just feel sad that they didn't think to research the breed before getting a B then dumped it after it got used to it's home and family. 😞

  • I know, annandael, it IS sad. And none of what I wrote above was directed at you!!

  • BDawg,
    I so agree with everything you said. People like the easy way out and lately in our society, that's the norm but that said, I'm glad there is this forum for helping the possibly abandoned animal who doesn't understand. All we can do is educate and help others to make the right decisions for their situation.
    And because there are good people, dogs like Miles end up with a good home.

  • there are people looking for "Non allergy dogs" for their kids or grandkids. Unfortunately,others say "get a Basenji!".Too many people think they are "normal" dogs and soon find out they require a little more than a "normal" dog.

  • @grouchybasenji:

    there are people looking for "Non allergy dogs" for their kids or grandkids. Unfortunately,others say "get a Basenji!".Too many people think they are "normal" dogs and soon find out they require a little more than a "normal" dog.

    ohhhh, i was wondering how the guy in texas could advertise almost 70 puppies on the internet and sell them all. that might explain it. 😞

  • I agree with what everyone is saying–it's sad to see basenjis getting dumped, but I do think this forum provides an invaluable service to the breed (and their families). Over 16 years ago, I was one of those very uninformed people (on a LOT of things) who made an impulse purchase of a 3 mo old basenji puppy at a pet store. I had saved up money to buy an entertainment center for my new house, and I ended up buying Max instead. He had me at his first yodel there in the little pet store cage. I knew nothing about basenjis, nothing about puppy mills, and he was my first dog of my own. Fortunately, we ended up being a good match, and I was able to provide a great, secure home for him. I happened to get him into classes that focused on positive reinforcement. He was never a very obediant dog--but he was happy and very, very loved (and yes--pretty spoiled). I wish this forum had been available 16 years ago. But it's here now, and I'm getting ready to pick up two adult basenji rescues in April and appreciate that I have this forum and all of the terrific members as a resource. Many thanks to the Admin who is so dedicated to this forum and the breed!

  • I agree with all the comments and would like to just say that I am one of those pple who did not find out enough inf. about B's before adopting. I just looked at one site explaining minimal background on them and just figured hey it's a small dog, good with kids, dosen't shed much, why not…well our B is alot of work and I must admit I have thought about giving our Champ up but for only about 3 hrs. He has now become part of our family and I just look at him as our adolescent son who with some guidance and rules and alot of exercise will be that sweet beautiful lovable dog he is when he's nice and calm. As another member commented, good things come with hard work and our hearts always melt when he looks at us with his big brown eyes and sleeps besides us. But this is not to say that we still did not have enough info on our B before hand and so I do understand with those that feel there're in over their heads. But I just don't understand how after rescuing an animal, all options are not exhausted before giving up. But anyway don't feel so disappointed, just wanted to tell you that here's a B owner that will be one unconditionaly.

  • By the way, this forum has helped us tremendoulsy understand and deal with our B. It's alot easier when you know that pple are there to listen and help. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP!

  • PS- If it makes anyone feel better… Miles threw up again this morning. Shortly thereafter he pee'd on the floor. After lunch, he poo'd in 7 different piles. Today sucked. Stinky little B. (He's still getting adjusted to the food since we rescued him so his tummy is still messed up, ugh.)

    So what did I do? I went to PetCo and bought that stupid expensive toy I've been eyeing. You know the one... Hide a Squirrel. It was $17 at PetCo. Dang it. I bought it. I got SO excited because I've been looking for one and could never find it in a store. And they LOVE it. Only Lexi will play with her toys while Miles really wants to DESTROY them. Any suggestions on how to get him to play and not destroy the fuzzies?

    The point of this, was to say- Miles sucked today. And I am still with him. 🙂 He is my frantic boy. He runs incessantly around the couch with an abundance of energy. He might be OCD. hahahahaha

  • The good breeders inform the public what they are to expect with a basenji puppy.
    THE other type, well, give them the fund and they give you a dog.
    No other info given.
    But the fact that we have folks who will help these dogs when they are bounced is great.
    I know Amber, who started this thread and she is a very big help to basenji rescue.
    We are so very luck in the PNW that 99% of the breeders are wonderful and screen their homes.
    They make doing rescue easier by far.
    Other areas, well, we can only hope that these folks find some companion for the animals and some other way to make money.

  • sharron, thanks for the compliment 🙂

    i cant take credit for starting the thread though.
    I totally agree about our PNW breeders, all the ones I have met in person (mary k, bryan and laurie and kathy b) are great.

  • Yes, it is amazing that someone could breed that many pups…. and be able to place them... yikes... rescue look out... It is sad also that there are so many sites and BYB and pet stores have all the "wrong" information about our breed, the one that kills me is "no bark".... I just want to scream... NOT MUTE... lol.... We have a bench show out here in No. California, one of the few that are left in the US... you are required to have your dog on display for the entire day of the shows for the public to visit and talk to breeders... One of my very close friends (now over the bridge with her Basenjis), had a boy name Zak... Zak was the "best" screamer.. and would scream on que.. LOL... that was enough to turn off 99% of people that came there thinking that Basenjis were mute...

  • Unfortunately, too many people read what I call "puppy mill propaganda" such as barkless, non shedding, no odor, hypoallergenic, etc and run out and get a Basenji. More often than not these uneducated buyers discover that their "perfect dog" is a royal pain in the butt. Some people will stick it out but many will not and those dogs end up homeless.

    Some dogs end up homeless because the owners are having,or have recently had, a baby. Both human babies and Basenjis take alot of time and energy and many people just can't handle it. Out goes the Basenji.

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