• Well I come home from a lovely night out fora couple of hours to find no Hope greeting me. Panic rises until we locate her laying in her bed in pain. Somehow ?? she has either dislocated her hip or fractured it (she's in the ER under having xrays and it being fixed). They sent me home and naturally I can't do anything but obsess and worry. I am going to have SA anytime I leave her now and panic about her n god I just hope she's going to be ok 😢 I'm so scared and worried. Has anyone had this happen? There's so many things that they say can happen if it's not successfully returned and stays put… And quite frankly they all scare the crap out of me.

    ...distressed 😞

  • Poor Girl… but you know... they have accidents, no different then human kids.... accidents happen, only difference is the animal can't tell you how it happened if you are not there to see it.

    Finger crossed and good thoughts coming her way

  • I'm with Pat - fingers crossed. You're a wonderful pet owner for taking care of her so quickly! Don't beat yourself up, just give Hope lots of TLC when she gets home.

  • Update: well the vet finally rung. Her muscles are too tight and they can't push it back into place … they have given her muscle relaxants and are going to try again around 7am... Otherwise surgery.

    😞 they told me to get some sleep (currently 3am here) but it's so hard.

    Just want my lil dog snuggled in bed with me

  • I'm so sorry to hear about Hope and do hope they can manage to get the hip back in place without surgery.

  • Dang, wish you could have gotten her to ortho specialist. The longer out the more damage. Sending hugs and prayers. And a repeat… accidents happen! This is not your fault.

  • Hoping the muscle relaxants do the trick! Keep us posted!

  • I know that's what they keep telling me but they had a go and couldn't n nOw have to wait til the morning for another vet has me concerned we missed our chance… It was the best vet ER (y do things always happen after hrs lol) to go to out of all soyeah 😞 she should b going for nxt try in around an hour ....

  • Ok they just called me so they done it earlier. Hips back in place! Bandaged up n I can get her around lunch time. She's going to have to be crated (my poor active bubby not going to like that in following weeks) thank god we crate trained her. Will have to take her for drives in the car to ease boredom and some new games n toys I think.

    Hopefully the hip stays in place cos if it doesn't then will have to look at surgery to fix it.

    Im so glad they got it back in n hopefully her muscles go back to being tight n it holds

    Will have to get some boredom buster games from here! (she usually goes everywhere with me!)

    Can't wait to see my bubby!

  • I am so relieved to hear that Hope is home and hopefully now on the mend. It's obviously going to be hard for her and for you to keep her quiet especially once she really feels better. I suppose it'll be a slow process but I pray that it'll be successful and the hip will stay in place.

  • That's great news, i am so pleased for you and do hope her hip stays in place.

  • I'm so glad i read this after the hip was back in place. things like this scare the daylights out of me. I hope Miss Hope is on the mend and stays that way.

  • Soooo glad to hear that Hope is now on the mend. I know you will take great care of her.

  • I signed on to check on Hope. Am so glad it went okay!

  • So glad to read all this and know she is OK.

  • First Basenji's

    You must have been frantic! I'm glad you were able to get her such immediate care. All the best for Hope!

  • Hi all, my beautiful little poppet is finally home. Shes asleep in bed with me, she's very tired and sore. She cried when she seen me and almost made me cry and she buried herself in my lap. Hopefully this sling will work and now it's just a wait and see game. The vets do have high hopes for her as they done it as soon as they could.

    She was a good girl for the nurses and wasn't naughty at all (very proud of this as they stated several times that they were supposed to be standoffish and aloof). They all had a chuckle at her as they tell me that she's been "talking" to her sling.

    Glad to have her home. Hopefully the next couple weeks bring us good news

  • I'm so glad to hear that Hope is back home and on the mend. Please keep us updated as she continues to get better.

  • Glad she is home!

  • Any idea how this could have happened?

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