Spring cleaning basenji style

Lots happening at our place yesterday - house spring cleaning and boxing up clothes for the homeless. Kipawa felt he was best at 'organizing' the clothes!


so nice of him to help out!

Better that it's a pile of clothes than a pile of glass. I had a glass shatter on the floor this morning and Kananga wanted to come over and help. :eek:

Fortunately he can be easily startled by loud noises, so starting up the vacuum kept him away. 🙂

Nothing like a Basenji when you want help organising!!

basenjis are soooooo helpful. (at least in thier little minds!)

He looks to be very helpful! Mine would be EATING the clothes to be given away - love your flooring incidentally.

Helpful in their own little Basenji way. Cairo loves laundry, or any type of clothing. "Bet you can't catch me."

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