Spring cleaning basenji style
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  • Lots happening at our place yesterday - house spring cleaning and boxing up clothes for the homeless. Kipawa felt he was best at 'organizing' the clothes!


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    so nice of him to help out!

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  • Better that it's a pile of clothes than a pile of glass. I had a glass shatter on the floor this morning and Kananga wanted to come over and help. :eek:

    Fortunately he can be easily startled by loud noises, so starting up the vacuum kept him away. :)

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    Nothing like a Basenji when you want help organising!!

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  • basenjis are soooooo helpful. (at least in thier little minds!)

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  • He looks to be very helpful! Mine would be EATING the clothes to be given away - love your flooring incidentally.

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  • Helpful in their own little Basenji way. Cairo loves laundry, or any type of clothing. "Bet you can't catch me."

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