Shaun and Mbali: feeling better!

  • Both Shaun and Mbali were really sick for a couple of days. We think they consumed some suet from a birdfeeder in the back yard. Miserable day or two really.

    But they are almost back to full goodness/badness. This is a shot of them together while they waited for us to finish our own slow breakfast this morning.

    While they were feeling bad Shaun was very irritable and would have nothing to do with his little sister…

  • Glad the pups are recovering! Mbali is beautiful. I actually have a buddy in South Africa named Mbali!!

  • I grew up in South Africa. Mbali is a Zulu word that means "flower"…

  • @SeattleMax:

    I grew up in South Africa. Mbali is a Zulu word that means "flower"…

    Yes! Very appropriate name!

  • Glad they feel better… They look so regal, too! And I like that skull and bones on the collar... 😃

  • Houston

    SO pretty..glad they are both feeling's horrible when dogs have an upset stomach..and you had two..wowser, no fun.

  • So glad they are feeling better. It's scary when are b's aren't doing well.

  • Why I don't have bird feeders in the backyard…. only the front... they are too good a consuming what they should not!!!

  • just sprung my two boys from the vet today. they were both vomiting and diarrhea … tested for bacteria in their stools. so they probably got in to who knows what. antibiotics and cottage cheese..... and OH what a mess to clean up. arg... but they are feeling better.

  • Hope it's all going better at your home.
    Not fun with the b's are ill.

  • We are not sure if it was the bird-feeder or not? Mbali was sick again this afternoon which was disappointing. But this evening she was full of beans again. We gave her a jar of baby food (chicken) which she ate with great gusto. She ate a little fresh grass this afternoon which might have made her sick again? I understand spring grass is sweet and enticing for dogs. Its hard to know if they eat grass to make them sick or if they get sick because they ate grass?

    When they are healthy and naughty we like to joke that we are ready to box them up and ship them off to Timbukto. But its hard not to feel awful when they are sickly…

  • Sick or not, they are absolutely beautiful! A little bird told me the Shaun did well at a show not long ago, right? Yay!!! Feel better soon 🙂

  • Yes he did! At the AKC PDFC (in Washington State) he won back to back (both days) First Prize, Best of Breed Bred by Exhibitor, Winners and then Best Of Winners. Shaun is now 15 months old and this was hist first real competition other than his test show last summer as a puppy.

    This came as a total surprise as we were not even sure he was actually entered and we had done zero preparation. Shaun grumbled all the time and was nervous but still managed to really impress two judges.

    We had to get up at 4am both days to make the 1-hour ferry ride to get there for the 8am Basenji start time. If these shows always begin alphabetically our next dog will be a Yorkie…

  • Glad to hear they are feeling better settlemax.
    Also sorry to hear your boys have been ill jonny b

  • Thank you! They are improving daily. 🙂 which means MUCH better and less cleaning up. ugggghhh. cottage cheese is now a favorite of both boys, too.

  • Cara would eat bird food til she exploded. A friend of mine had to have surgery when her dog got into a feeder. So I have to make sure Cara can't get to the food. I have a big back window feeder but only shells dropped out and I sweep and check routinely… so she only gets a little. But if I am eating (I am addicted) sunflower seeds, she MUST have a few. I figure a few are roughage, lol. When I spill any while filling the window one, I have to get it up or she'll vacuum the floor for me.

    But the suet fat may be the tummy upset. They are lovely dogs! And congrats on the show!

    jonny b, why cottage cheese? Yogurt has a lot of healthy bacteria, but cottage cheese just provides calcium. For diarrhea, yogurt and rice may work better.

  • So far the tummy progress is two steps forward, one step back. Just when we think all is well, someone is heaving up all over the floor again.

    We are on plain boiled chicken breast, white rice, and mushy turkey baby food from a jar. The rice is getting the big thumbs-down though…

  • Shaun, sorry this has not moved forward as quickly as we all have hoped.

  • Did you cook the rice with the meat? Sometimes sprinkling a little garlic in it or Molly Mcbutter or such might help. Dang, hope this clears up soon.

  • I think we will be taking both of them to the vet tomorrow. Just to be sure.

    They are definitely better: they play, they walk nicely, they cuddle with us, they seem normally happy now.

    But their poops are still very "liquidly" and every now and then there is the worst puke puddle on the floor. I am feeding them "plain food" but they are not as interested. I think this is a thing that needs to run its course. But we want to be sure we not missing anything…

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