Casey wore better clothes than me!

😃 See Casey's Project Runway…

How about showing your B's in the latest fashion wear?

Those are all very adorable.

I posted these a few weeks back

How lucky you were to have a "dear old one" like you showed in the pic.
Well dressed as well.
Puts my dogs to shame.

beautiful pics..happy holidays

Here are some of Lexi & Miles in their clothes, costumes, and special collars:
Lexi hates being cold.

The collars I made for them.

Christmas 2007

Miles Halloween 2007- Anubis (or King Tut)

Lexi Halloween 2007- The Mummy

Christmas Martingale for Miles

Lexi in her Santa Jacket - Bah Humbug!

Lexi's Christmas BallGown

Lexi & Miles with their matching paisley collars.

Giving a new meaning to the term, "Rich Bitch".

Lexi, the Bone Burglar

Lexi in her pink dress.

Pink Ladies Rule!

Aussie style

Sporty Lex: Ready for a run.

And a few more…
All American Dogs

Lexi as the bumblebee for Halloween 06

Lexi, My Tiny Dancer

oh my lord, how adorable 🙂 where do you find these clothes!?

LOL… Glad you like them; ha! Most of mine come from Target. They are surprisingly cheap... especially when they're on sale or clearance. We made Miles's Anubis costume and Lexi's Mummy one. This year's Christmas ones were only $2.50! Lexi's coats from different places though. She really does hate being cold!

haha my boy shivers after being outside for only a minute or two. i feel really bad and have been looking for stuff. i went to petsmart but only found a lot of girly stuff, and of course we can't have that.. (haha) but we bought a female from oklahoma and im scared shes gonna be freezing when she gets here.. so beings that shes gonna be growing so quickly, cheap is good 🙂 haha

Some of the warmer jackets I've found were at PetCo. They actually have a better selection than Petsmart (at least around here).

And you'd better believe that once I win the lottery, I'm going to get my kids a jacket from Montana Dogware.

I'm not much for dressing up my pets, but here's a coat I made for EL D for his birthday.

I will certainly have to take a look at Target because those outfits are great! Luckily, living in Florida, our B won't have to deal with cold weather too often :p

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