• Hello everyone!
    My name is Helena and I'm the very happy & proud owner of two sweet basenji boys. Our family (me, my husband and the boys) live in Southern Finland (and Finland is in Northern Europe as everyone knows, right? 😃 ).

    Older one of the boys is handsome 3-year-old tricolour Karma (Fi Se Ch FiW-10 Bulldobas Catch The Wind) who is my very first dog. I used to have a cat so basenji was not such a big change. I was already used to the idea that there will be no going out on bad weather and to the fact that the animal will only do as I say if it suits him 🙂 I had heard lots of horror stories about basenjis and their destructive ways and I was so amazed when none of it happened! Karma was so sweet and well behaved from day 1. Well, if you don't count the number of food thefts he has been able to perform… 😃

    My second boy is 2-year-old red/white called Dio (Safeguard's Dijon Bulldobas). He is such a funny sweetheart! You would not believe he is already grown-up, he is always ready to play and run and has loads of energy.

    I enjoy dog shows very much and Karma has done very well in the show ring. He was actually number 3 in the Basenji Male of the Year 2010 competition! Dio does not really enjoy showing because he thinks it's so boooooring to stand still, so he enters the ring just every now and then.

    Boys have their own web-page, but it is still under construction. I'm hoping to get it translated to english very soon, but is slow going since work comes in the way of hobbies...

  • Welcome to the forum, Helena, Karma and Dio. I'm a Helena too!

  • Houston

    Welcome Dio, Karma and of course Helena.
    Sounds like you have a wonderful pack of basenjis.
    I bet they are eager for spring to arrive, you are so far up north…I am from a town on the Swedish westcoast, Pippin is from a kennel not too, too far from there, but we both enjoy the Texas heat now.

    Please direct me to their site, would love to see them in pictures.

    oops found it once I looked..sorry.

  • Welcome! One of my bosses is from Finland - I shall have to ask her if Espoo is somewhere she knows.
    Your basenjis must be very hardy to withstand your Finnish winters - my guys find our Canadian winters bad enough. I think they would stage a revolt if I suggested going to Finland! 😉
    I checked out some of your website - your boys are just gorgeous!! Look forward to seeing more of them.

  • Nice to meet you! My roommate is from Finland. 🙂 I forget where she is from specifically, but she says it sounds like the Finnish word for a woman's private parts blush (the things I remember!).

    Hope you find everything you need and more here!

  • Welcome to te forum. You'll find the best advice and good friends.

  • Big welcome to all of you! This is a great place for all things basenji!

  • Welcome! Love to see some photos!:)

  • Welcome! Your boys sound wonderful.

  • Welcome to the forum, Helena. I clicked on the website and reallly enjoyed all the photos in your gallery. You have two beautiful b's and I'm sure you are very proud of them.

  • Welcome to the forum, Helena! Great choice of breeder 😉 We're hoping to add a Bulldobas girl next year! 🙂

  • Hi Helena!
    Welcome to the forum.

  • Thank you all!
    Sorry I haven't been able to answer sooner. There is just so much work… But don't worry, I have been reading the forum even tough I haven't really had the time to write 🙂

    Petra, you are absolutely right. Our boys do have good winter coats, otherwise it would just be too cold for them. This winter specially was horribly cold: cars had trouble starting, trains were always late, some houses had problems with frozen water pipes etc... When it's that cold, our boys luckily go to "hibernate" mode. They mostly only wanted to the back yard and stayed there just long enough to lift their foot once and then they ran straight back inside 🙂

    Problem with winter jackets is that they never really fit for a basenji. If the tail is comfortably, then all the big muscles on hind legs are also exposed and that just doesn't work. I decided to make raincoats and winter jackets for both boys myself, because the jackets in stores just weren't good enough (and they are quite expensive). Last winter I finished 1 raincoat, this winter the second raincoat and I started making the first winter coat. If this pace continues, I might have all the jackets made in 2013 xD

    Boys are so happy the spring has arrived. They could walk for miles, there is so much to sniff, search and hunt! And obviously there are really delicious scents outside because every time we come back inside, both boys search the biggest stuffed toys they can and then they start to ...hmm... "practice" :o

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