Princess Nahla

Hello Everybody!
Well we have our little Basenji! I wanted to thank everybody for offering advice for dealing with worms! One week later and the worms are history (we will have our follow up dose of Drontal shortly)
My wife and I and our two kids age 19 and 15 all love our new addition to the family. Our other dog Jax the schnauzer (7yr old) is slowly getting used to her as well. She is a real puppy in every sense of the word. We have always had dogs in the family and now we have a Basenji to make life a challenge. The B500 is truly very entertaining.
Hope to speak with you all!
Jim, Janice, Kristin, Jimmy, Jax, and Nahla!

oh, she is absolutely precious!


She is happy for all of you.

Very cute!

Very cute! Love tris, of course (I have 2).

She's a darling! Congratulations!

Very pretty little girl.

Rita Jean

She is a pretty girl indeed. I['m pleased that the worm proble is over.

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