• Blaze has been with us now for a little over a week and is doing great. He's already learned to let us know when he needs to go out to potty and hasn't had an accident in the house for several days now (knock on wood).

    He's going to be a barooer…he's already given us some small baroo's! Maxx wasn't much of a barooer so it's great to have a Basenji who's going to talk to us! 🙂

    Leash training is still a work in progress...like most Basenjis, particularly puppies, he's a puller.

    We intend to enroll Blaze in a puppy kindergarten class when we return to Spokane this spring to make sure he's well socialized, although he's doing really well with meeting new people and new dogs.

    We weighed him this past Sunday at 10+ weeks and he weighed 10.5#. According to his breeder, that's just about right and what the other three puppies in the litter weigh now. She told me that at 16 weeks, he should weigh 14#-15#, so we'll keep an eye on his weight (although we've always watched the weight of our dogs closely so they don't get overweight).

    Here are some pictures I took this weekend:

  • Houston

    Linda, he is so, so pretty..I love how he has so little white on his face..adorable.

    Gracie is too cute too..

    Pippin just surpassed 15lbs at 16.5 weeks..so it sounds about right..

  • Very cute! Lucky you to have a barooer:D So far Ariel is more of a chirper:)

  • WooHoo, congrats and isn't he just a cutie… congrats!!!

  • Sounds and looks like Blaze is on target for weight. Kipawa was born September 25, so is approaching 6 months. He is 20 lbs. of solidness - no fat, and I can feel his ribs. He gets exercised (as do I :)) well, twice a day. He was in a big growth spurt over the last couple of months. Therese and Kevin said he was going to be a good sized boy, and I think they are totally right. If I were to venture a guess, he'll be around 26 lbs.

  • He is SO cute. I can’t get over the wrinkles in the X-pen

  • He's such a wrinkly baby, very cute. I think you've got his weight just about right.

  • I love Blaze's little white triangle above his nose. It's very distinctive.

  • Awww he's so adorable i just wanna kiss that little face !! 🙂

  • what a cute little nose!

  • Very nice to have more b owners on the dry side of the state.

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