Tammie Jean aka Azenda Nuffsaid

  • This is Tammie Jean in her favorite pose–kicked back and using one of my friends as a bed pillow. She had no shame.

    And here she is with another friend. The cat at the front right was C.C. (Collapsible Cat). He and Tammie were good friends. You can tell she trusts my friend…her tail is completely uncurled. ha!

    Yes, her ears were a bit spread apart, but she never liked to talk about it. :p

  • Lovely pics of Tammie Jean, thanks for sharing.

  • Houston

    Great pics, she sure was lovely.

  • She was, as my breeder friend pronounced, a tight, cobby little bitch. I am still looking for any pictures I have of her standing. She had such great confirmation. 🙂

  • Lovely pictures - a typical Azenda bitch!

  • Just checked her in my pedigree file - she was related to mine through Fula Kweku OTC.

  • I just love how people on here are related through their basenjis! Arwen, she was quite the special looking little girl.

  • Patty, that's fun information. I tracked one of her littermate's line down to some dogs in the UK still. Made me happy to know she was out there in one way or another. Her one litter shows only one of her puppies in her litter. He, if I'm remembering correctly, had what they called a Wasting disease? The only thing he could eat was green beans. I don't remember if Fanconi's was a term at that time. He got very ill and passed quite young unfortunately.

    Here is one more really bad picture of her. 🙂 I'm on the right with her and my ex is on the left holding our Black Mouth Cur puppy, Monroe.

  • I've checked the pedigree too. My first B - Kalrinda Ekundu Kidibu - AKA Benji is waaay down the line from Azenda Frankanuff. Benji also has links to Patty's lines. 🙂
    I'm sure if I looked further I'd find more links to my other dogs too. 🙂

  • All of mine have Azenda Frankanuff in their pedigree too!

  • Grin, well Tammie Jean is Frankanuff's litter mate. We did show her some but she despised the ring on certain days. And you just never knew which day that was going to be. I loved showing, but realized it was not fun for her so why continue. 🙂

    UGH. I just realized that last picture is HUGE. I'll try to fix that in the next few days. So sorry.

  • The disease you describe as 'Wasting' sounds like IPSID. There are other dogs in her line here with it as the tendency can be inherited. Luckily it can now be managed.

  • I'm glad to know it is manageable. I was heartbroken when they lost their boy. That litter was a nightmare for me. That puppy died. Another was sold and transported to a family in Texas (I was in Louisiana). We had talked a LOT on the phone about fences and the Basenji need to go BYE BYE NOW. She was my little Tatonka (buffalo) because of her bruiser body and attitude. Nothing stopped her. I wanted to keep her but decided it would be better if I didn't.

    I drove halfway and so did they. They called me 1 hour after I got home. She was hysterical. Tatonka had been put in the back yard and immediately exited. She was hit and killed by a car thirty minutes after they arrived home.

    I swore I would never breed again. I still cry when I think about it. 😞

  • I can understand how you felt - what a devastaing end for Tatonka at such an early age. I do feel for you.

  • Thanks, Patty. The guilt I felt was hideous. I've since (it was 20 years ago) realized it was not my fault, but oh wow did it hurt.

  • Delighted to read my dog's name, Azenda Frankanuff ('Frankie') mentioned in your blog. I presume you're talking about the same one, the great-great grandmother of the Crufts winner. She died in 1995 and, amazingly, because my wife and I didn't show her although we knew Veronica Tudor-Williams and she was keen to mate Frankie with her Australian champion, whom she believed to be really good (he was) but at the time was not as highly regarded as she wanted him to be: his subsequent performance confirmed Veronica's view. (She was an amazingly astute and interesting - original - woman). You won't believe it but we were sold Frankie, whom we instantly loved, in 1981, as the runt of the litter ('too long in the back' as the fearsome Margaret Christy-Davies said to us). But Frankie had a sweet nature and obviously carried the genes as the Crufts win some years ago proved. We couldn't believe it at the time; couldn't believe it. She had more hits on the internet than I had! She had four puppies; three bitches and a really sweet boy who did his best! Best wishes, Stephen Guest London UK

  • Stephen, how fun to find one of Tammie's littermates this way. 🙂 She hated being shown so I didn't do much with her at all. Very nice to hear from you.

  • Gorgeous B! I dont know a ton about my boys history. He was a dog I got off Craigslist when he had barely turned a year old. Lady had 2 of them and couldnt take them when she moved so I got one. He's my first boy and sure wont be the last! Thinking about getting a puppy sometime in the near future. My boy is AKC (not officially…I have the form and keep forgetting to send it in for the certificate) and I only have his parents names. Only thing I know is he is related to some dogs bred by people that I was told on the African yahoo group that they weren't too crazy about. I cannot for the life of me remember the peoples names. If I saw them Id know lol. I THINK one of the names was Hesterkin...or something. That name sticks out in my head.

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