All is good in the world again

  • We took our first vacation without pups in 4 years last week going on a Carribean cruise for my 50th birthday. Pups had it good as our son lives at home and was able to continue spoiling them in the manner to which they are accostomed. Unfortunately he works nights so they had to, perish the thought sleep in crates. We got in just before midnight and we greeted with lots of tail wags, zoomies and roos, nice to see we were missed a bit.

  • As I have gotten older, I find traveling without my b's isn't that much fun.
    Cruising is fun…but I did miss my dogs too much.
    We like driving trips where we take the dogs with us.

  • I ageee, we prefer to go with the dogs to places, the timeshare we own no longer has many places to trade for that allows pets, so we are giving our last couple weeks to friends instead of using them, then just doing RV events that all the dogs can attend too.

  • A Caribbean cruise sounds lovely - I bet you missed your Basenjis and isn't it lovely to be greeted like that on your return.

  • yes it's a shame we cant take our pups more places. Glad to see you have a good time and made it home safely.

  • We just got back from 5 days in Maui. Had to put our Laika in a kennel which we found after a long search. It was not easy to leave her there, she did ok we think. But was so glad to see us. We really hated to do this as we adopted her from a kennel 6 month ago. All our travel will now be by car only so we can take her. My husband had to pat everydog he saw in Maui. She is his baby.

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