• This weekend I joined Facebook at the urging a friend who said it makes staying in touch much easier. Pretty quickly I started getting friend requests from people I haven't known since high school.

    How is this basenji related you ask? Well, one of my high school friends posted a pic of a chewed spatula that her dog got a hold of. I commented that it was pretty low on the dog destruction scale. She said, "Yeah, I guess I should have expected as much from a Basenji" So I go look at her photo album for a pic of her dog and it is a red and white basenji boy!

    Just thought it was kind of funny to reconnect with a high school friend and find out that we both have the same breed of dog.

  • That is too cool, it is a small world… after all!!!:D

  • That's funny Lisa! I got a puppy inquiry a couple years ago that ended up being someone I went to school with, and we were in scouts together too. lol Not sure if she ever ended up getting a Basenji for sure though. I only had boys and she wanted a girl.

  • Facebook is addicting, but I agree it is a small world!

  • Did you tell your friend about the basenji forum?

  • No but I will.

  • Funny….it IS a small world. I found a new friend, totally unrelated to Basenjis (something else we have in common) through a Basenji friend of facebook...that is one of the THE coolest things about Facebook, IMO. I also found out that my very first grade school crush ended up going to the same University as my nephew...on the opposite coast! Wierd!

    But, yeah..FB is the ultimate time-waster....as if I needed another way to waste time 😉

  • Oh for goodness sake, I tried to find you to friend you…but there are a million women with your name! Will you be my friend? 😉 I am listed as Andrea Steedle Walters

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