About 80 degrees here today…
First Basenji's

Just enough to break a doggy sweat…

20110206 Sweat pants by ilovemytank, on Flickr

Here's a couple nice ones from chillier days:

Lakeside contemplation by ilovemytank, on Flickr

I'll be your ears, you be my eyes by ilovemytank, on Flickr

Those are really lovely pictures, and I am so envious that you have temperatures so high. We have to wait for mid-late June to get those.

Can you actually see doggy sweat on Bowpi?

LOL…yes here in No California... no need for heat, coats... or anything... it is for sure an early spring... our Cherry/Plum tree is already starting to flower...

High in our backyard today was 79......

Her coat looks warm, is it Montana Dogwear? Love the photos!

Wow, Pat, you live in heaven!

First Basenji's

Hehe, I didn't mean that you can really see doggy sweat on her. But she only "grins" like that and pants when she's hot.

I hear that dogs only sweat out of their paw pads? In that case, I'm not sure what the conditions actually have to be for you to see it.

Yup, that's a Montana Dogwear coat! It fits perfectly. She only has that one fleece and a rain coat for now. It doesn't really get cold enough here to justify spending more on multiple outfits, but I'm sure we'll accumulate a few more over the years… 🙂

No early spring here! Thanks for sharing your pix!

My mom said the same thing!! Can't wait until they get their new B pups so we can see pics of all the NorCal ppl


Very nice pictures….nice temps too..we got into the sixties over the weekend, nice change after a snowday on friday..remember I am in Houston, TX..and we still had a snow/ice day...

You lucky warm people and Basenjis!

As Kirsten said..no spring here! we're lucky to break 10degrees nevermind 80! We have snow piles taller than houses at this point. Although, I dream about warm weather if that counts for anything! :rolleyes:

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