• haha i got you with the title, not near as wonderful as it sounds.
    last night: fender got into my scrapbooking supplies, got my calligraphy inkwell, bit the lid off. this took place on my couch. there was black ink everywherei went into couch cleaning mode-i actually had to take it outside and hose it off. i have microfiber so it came amazingly clean, still is not dry. it was a nice 32 degrees outside. i came back inside, wet, cold, and angry. then i look at my dog, he is covered in ink 😞
    he got a bath, it didnt all come off. glad hubby is out to sea, he does not have the patience i posess.
    fender only had ink on one leg…but oh the damage he did.

  • @Ambered:

    fender only had ink on one leg…but oh the damage he did.

    And his look in the picture screams "yeah…what of it?" 😃 :eek: 😃

  • LOL… They never cease to amaze us with their curiousity, do they?

  • Oh my!!!!!!!!

  • LOL, I had a dog once that loved free ink pens, she'd hunt for them. One time got into my school bag and ate every pen i had, thankfully on her bed, but her white feet were black blue and red for weeks

  • LOL! When I first opened this thread I was expecting to see that you got/were planning a basenji tattoo - boy was I wrong! haha! Looks like Fender was trying to tattoo himself! 🙂

  • Ambered,

    Seems to be a common statement that you and I share as Navy wives "Thank God my husband was deployed for this".

    Zahra has done a lot of damage since hubby has been gone but she has also had a lot of progress too. Before he gets home I am going to have to remove the lights he installed in the backyard and pray that he doesn't remember doing it before he left, I also need to try to fix the carpet on the stairs and remind him that we are tearing up the carpet in the living room to put in new flooring and that Zahra was simply "helping".

    Zahra steers clear of pens but our other dog Chase loves pens and markers. I haven't had to clean ink off of him yet though, you will have to let us know what you use! LOL!


  • I think it can be said for all military wives! (is an Air Force wife)

    Amazingly our Collie is the one that liked Sharpies.

  • We had a Papillion who thought colored markers were fantastic. He somehow got into them (in mug on kitchen counter) one day while I was at work. Came home to a black & tan papillion with blue stripes down his sides/paws/jaw. Very Very funny looking. Didn't wash off either. Ha ha ha!

  • in fender's defense we had our third clicker class tonight, until now i thought it was going nowhere. he was very very good. he has perfected sit, stay, and come. he refuses to lie down. i dont know if he just doesnt like the floor or refuses to make himself submissive around the other dogs. doesnt matter, i am extremely pleased with his progress.

  • Both my obedience instructor and my agility instructor agree that down is one of the most difficult to train behaviors in sighthounds or what my agility instructor calls the naked breeds, short coats, low body fat. What I did was when I was sitting at home with the dogs I would keep some treats or kibble on hand and anytime I would see them laying I would click and treat. Usually they would then pop up to see what got the click and I would wait until they would lay down again and clicked and treat. After that they started offering Down more because it becomes a high paying behavior.

  • Can an older dog be clicker trained, or should that be saved for young pups? Giz isn't bad at all, but the only command he will obey with consistancy is sit.

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