• I have a 3 yr old Basenji. Lately his skin has been HORRIBLY flaky…looks like he was just out in the snow. Ive tried Omega 3 pills..they work for awhile then it comes back (Im still giving him them while the flaky skin is coming back). Ive tried different foods and different shampoos. He is on a half raw diet of chicken and the other half is kibble. Ol Roy Complete Nutrition. Any other ideas for how to control his flaky skin?

  • Are you bathing often? How much? Too much bathing drys out the skin. If not then there's allergies to something in the diet or environment. There maybe something in that food.

  • He doesnt get a bath very often…only if he gets REALLY dirty outside playing. But even then most of the time ill get a wash rag and wipe him down..not give him a full on bath. Ill have to look into the food and see whats in it

  • suki had dandruff when i first got her. i just gave her one bath with oatmeal shampoo and she has been fine since.

  • Ive actually never tried Oatmeal shampoo….my mom uses it on her Shih Tzu and it works good...something to consider

  • uhm, Old Roy??? really? can i ask what is your thinking on an old roy/raw diet? (no I'm serious; i think this is one of the strangest combo's i've heard of)

    otherwise a humidifier may help. oils added to the diet often work but sounds like you've tried that. Personally, I'd try a different kibble. My kids are on Taste of the Wild with some muttloaf (homemade) in the evening. It's very dry here and their skin/coat looks great. I only have one tri and of course the dandruff shows up better on the black coats, but even he looks great.

  • Try a teaspoon of olive oil 1x per day mix in with food.

  • @nobarkus:

    Try a teaspoon of olive oil 1x per day mix in with food.

    +1 Kipawa's skin was a little flaky, so Therese advised trying some olive oil. It has been working extremely well. I use the amount that Dan has indicated.

  • I give our dogs Flax seed oil once a day in their food. It gives our tri a super soft glossy coat, where the red does not seem to make a difference.

  • Another thing to consider…

    Is your guy wearing a coat at all during the day or night ???

    I asked this question in the showring section, and after doing a few experiments, I worked out that my guys were becoming very 'dundruffy' when wearing their coats all day and night. Im a bit of a fusspot with them, and as they were crated o/n, I was worried about them getting cold. So now coats off and dunruff gone :)...

  • I noticed a little dandruff on Ayo the other day after bathed him. Its also been unusually dry here lately, but it has since gone away. I think it has to do with the weather. oatmeal shampoonshould work except I don't think you should bathe him as that I'll dry his skin more. I would try the olive oil

  • Mmmmm think I might have spoken too soon, Java was having cuddles with me yesterday evening, and the horrible dandruff is back, BUT, only on him ??? I had reduced all the dogs fish oil capsules, from daily, to 2-3/week, so Im wondering if thats why ??? Will start him up on daily and see if that makes a difference… I hate dandruff :(...

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