• Ok, I'm going to attempt to make my first post. I've only just "found" this forum, but I've been around on a couple other lists, most notably the Basenji Pix list, for some time.
    I live in Ontario, Canada, with my 2 brats. They are Jigsaw, Vinaka's Piece Of The Puzzle, JC, 6 yr old red/white female; and Indy, Vinaka's Got The Pole Position, 3 yr old black/white male. Both were bred in the USA by Dennis and Cathy Trautman, and were very much worth the LONG drives to get them. (Jigsaw's drive home was thru' some very memorable snowstorms!) By pedigree they are aunt and nephew, but at home they are siblings all the way!
    Primarily they are my always-entertaining pets, but we have done some lure coursing (mostly with Jigsaw; Indy hasn't lived up to his name expectations in that respect) and Indy has done some conformation showing, now in altered classes whenever the opportunity presents itself. As those of you who may be on the pix list can attest, they both are very experienced models and willingly allow themselves to be the focus of my photography obsession.
    I have been a veterinary technician for almost 13 years and work in a small animal practice where Jigsaw and Indy get to come to work with me everyday.
    I hope to get to participate in some of your discussions, provided I can figure out my way around posting and replying! I'm not the most computer literate person out there! 🙂

  • hey! you mentioned pictures, so where are the pictures?? 😉
    welcome! (and jigsaw's call and registered names are very clever!)

  • Welcome to the forum! Pictures would be great!

  • welcome to the forum

  • WELCOME! Can't wait to see pics. 🙂

  • Welcome! Splendid to have another Canadian here, eh? 🙂 How great that your basenjis get to be at work with you.

  • Welcome to the forum.

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Houston

    Welcome, nice to have you onboard..ps, saw the pictures in your other thread, stunning pups.

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