Cute Blog Post

A friend just introduced me to this blog. I'm not even done with this entry yet and I'm already laughing out loud. Thought I'd share:

^totally my favorite blog. i laugh so hard i cry. and now i'm waiting impatiently for the next installment.

Ohh, I love that blog. I wish she updated more but quality over quantity and her posts never ever fail to make me laugh.
This is another one about her dogs. It laughed so hard I thought I might choke. 🙂

I just found that one and was about to come back in here and post that link, Mango. 🙂

Beat me to it.

I have a new roommate in the apartment and I'm sure he thinks I am absolutely bonkers because I keep laughing out loud while he tries to sleep. Poor guy!


Love this one as of the best ones out there.

That was a riot - poor dog - I prefer to believe the dog was just showing its owner that it was not so malleable.

Wow! Thanks for the links, folks! I've been reading the rest of the blog posts…great stuff! I've LOL'd quite a bit 😃

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