• I have "friended" Best Friends Animal Society on my Facebook page. This morning, they had a link to Lauren Scheuer's blog post titled A Compact Life.

    It was so cute, I started from the beginning (see the link at the top of her blog) and have spent the morning reading her entire blog. It's one of only two blogs that I now "follow," the other being Hyperbole and a Half which I learned about on these forums.

  • Houston

    Adorable blog, I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sigh. Sick of the spammers here.

    Don't read further if you really loved that mouse story cause it has me pretty mad.



    I'm warning you… don't read any further!!!!

    Don't say I didn't warn you.

    I am confused what part of that (other than the cute pics) you enjoyed? She found a baby mouse. I don't do rodents, so I'd have quickly killed it and set out mouse traps. One mouse can equal many dozens of more mice in a year.

    But nope, she pat herself on the back and carried them outside to die a slow death, suffering til they did from hunger and cold. I wouldn't do that to a baby anything. (In fact, am not freaking sure I'd have been able to kill the mice babies.. knowing me I'd have raised the darn things then taken to our local chicken farms lol).

    I guess I didn't find the rest so charming either. If she cared, she could have taken it to the vet, gotten appropriate food and it might have survived. This wasn't a pinkie so young it had no chance to survive. I am not into rodents in any form, but if I cared enough to do something, I'd have put effort into real help, not making a pouch and writing a blog about letting it die. I have taken a baby chicken to the vet… a baby chicken you can buy a NEW one for a couple of bucks. Good grief when my child found a stupid mourning dove baby we kept it a week with guidance from our local wild life vet, then my friend Sally took it and put a baby chick in with it to keep it company and teach it to peck. It did fine (Sally, not so much... who didn't realize it how much she resents not sleeping while feeding it every few hours for the next 3 wks lol).

    Oh well, unless she puts out mouse bait or traps, she'll soon have more baby mice to put outside to die slowly and blog cute pics.

  • Great Blog Thanks for sharing 😃

  • I read the Scratch and Peck blog all the way through and I really enjoyed it. The writing style was quite humorous and the illustrations made me chuckle. Thanks for sharing.

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