• Hello,
    finally the result of the test arrived and she is positive. I'am sorry to have not posted since the last time. We have had some problems to find a veterinary who follow the Dr.Gonto's protocol and at the end we found him. He made the blood exams and now we have the list of the medicinals. He told us to feed Luna with puppets' meal but she doesn't like it and she stopped eating. We don't know how to give her the daily doses or how to make them eatable for her. Please, give us some advice.

  • Michele, I am so sorry, but at least we know it is manageable. I don't know if adding flavors or other things help. You can contract Dr. Gonto directly. I understand he is very helpful.

  • Sorry to Hear about the result.
    I have no tip on what to do with the food.

  • I'm so sorry to hear that the test came back positive.. I hope others here can give you some good advice. I always put Tillo's pills in peanut butter and than put it on his tongue from the side of his muzzle, don't know if that is an option for the medication?

    If only the food is a problem, maybe you can cook some chicken and put some of the water over her kibble?

  • 😞 So sorry about the Fanconi diagnosis, but following Dr. Gonto's protocol will keep Luna as healthy as possible. Years ago I saw a type of 'dog sauce' at a pet store. Not sure if it still exists, or more important, if it is healthy. If you do find something like this and want to try it, read the ingredients to make sure it isn't detrimental for a Fanconi positive dog.

  • I'm so sorry to hear about Luna but pleased taht you've found a vet who'll help you to follow the protocol.

    I've had no experience with Fanconi so can't help you there but have had loads of experience of having to give pills. If necessary brak them inot small pieces and wrap the pieces in raw meat. First give her a little piece without the pills so that she gets the flavour, and then hold the piece with the pills in your hand for a second or two before she has that too. Have both lots in the same hand at the same time.
    I'm sure that even if she's not supposed to have raw - a litttle bit won't hurt her.

  • Houston

    I am so sorry to hear of Luna's fanconi result..I have no idea as to how to get her to eat better, but wanted to send my thoughts and prayers to you.

  • Michele, so sorry to hear of this result…
    She needs a high protein, mammal meat based food (try for 26% protein if possible). Not sure what you have available in Italy.
    Do NOT break the bicarbs up, they need to be given whole! Other pills can probably be broken up. When you wrap the bicarbs, try not to get any of the 'dust' on the outside of your pill/meat ball. The bicarb is very bitter and salty, and if they taste it, they won't take it.
    Lack of appetite is one of the symptoms of a urinary tract infection (UTI) Because the walls of the kidney can be thickened with Fanconi, and a UTI will often not show up on the tests, so most of us who have owned Fanconi dogs rely on our knowledge of the dog's normal behaviour to tell us when they have one. "Accidents," decreased appetite and lethargy are often symptoms. Clavamox and Baytril are the best antibiotics for these, and often need to be given for 2 -4 weeks. Untreated infections can cause permanent damage to the kidneys, so don't take no for an answer if you suspect she has one.
    It's overwhelming, I know, but it does get easier to deal with. Hang in there! Hugs to you and Luna.


  • This forum has a Fanconi owners only section, but there is a very active Yahoo Fanconi group with a lot of great information. I suggest you log onto that chat list.

    My friend who has a Fanconi dog uses Pill Pockets sometimes, and other things other times. My dog only gets thyroid meds but I use cream cheese or ricotta and he takes them easily.
    I do very lightly coat all pills with butter so they don't start to dissolve and taste bad, before I use a more liquid treat. I use ice cream as a last resort!
    I also vary what I use, sometimes mashed potatoes, peanut butter, hummus, whatever I can hide the pill in that he will eat!

    The Basenji companions Web site has a list of things to use for pilling, I think the owner of that list is also the list owner for the Fanconi dog list, she is very experienced.

    Good luck to you and Luna, hopefully she will do well on the treatment and have many good years ahead of her.

  • Anne do you have a link for that group? Sounds like that is just what is needed!

  • The list moderator is Cheryl Silver. Contact her at csilver2@austin.rr.com and she will give you information on how to join the group. It's a fantastic group, with many many great suggestions and hints, and incredible support.


  • If you want to email me off the boards… bennyburnerbono at aol.com
    I have tons of information regarding living with Fanconi and treating your Basenji.
    I have been there quite a few times... and with perseverance, you will get through it!

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