Maya Told Off By A Chihuahua!

Maya was being very naughty and pestering the chi, but she's sooooo funny with it! She cant seem to help herself, she just HAS to poke at them 😃

Anyway, got a short vid. Isnt she a BAD basenji… :rolleyes:


haha, how cute 😃

No, she is not a bad basenji. She is just a basenji! Nice video of your bad girl. BTW, Kipawa is sitting here with me right now, and he enjoyed the video too!

OMG I love it! She is so cute. Mean Chi! LOL.

Basenjis are such clowns, that's why you have to love them. 😃

LOL, this reminds me of my last 2 Basenjis Ringo and Nika. They would do that to each other when one was chewing on a bone to get the one chewing defensive. When the one chewing would get upset enough and drop the bone and give chase the other would run around and swoop up the bone. Totally entertaining.

First Basenji's

I LOLed when she almost sat on the chi. She won't take no for an answer, huh? 🙂

That is the funny part, the sitting on. Arwen has always done it. We had an older Rottie, Mukat, who HATED puppies. She would turn her head and not even LOOK at them. So Arwen backed, looked, backed looked.. repeat until she covered a good 12 feet down the hallway to SIT on Mukat. It was as if she knew her BUTT was not threatening and how could Mukat protest. Mukat didn't move but her look was priceless.

DebraDownSouth- the visual that gave me off he backing her butt down the hall was too funny!

cleary, that little animal is on HER blanket!

Well done Maya - eventually I'm sure you'll get him to play!

Aw! That reminds me of my chihuahua. I can only imagine how annoyed she will get with my future basenji! Great Video!

Well, I dont know if its a basenji thing or if mine is just a bit slow, but Maya really doesnt seem to be able to read the other dogs body language when they dont want to play. She will pester and pester and pester 😃 lol Probably she can tell they dont want to play but just wants to antagonise them..

I'm sure Maya knows what she's doing!!

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