• So as many of you know I have been doing research on what I am going to feed my puppy and now I want to hear from people on the forum what treats they feed their basenji's?? …. I didn't spend all this time researching for a great food only to throw it away by feeding crappy treats. Any suggestions will be welcomed! I am only down to a few weeks so I will be picking everyone's brains on a lot more topics I'm sure

  • We have a few treats. One is C & P's Organix Chicken Dog Cookies. Break up into tiny pieces. Another treat will be hot dogs (we buy organic ones). Cut them up into little pieces and put them on a baking tray. Bake in the oven at 250 for about a half hour, I believe. What you want to do is get the moisture out of them, so keep an eye on them. If you can't find organic ones, then get kosher ones. Another treat we found is freeze dried chicken. We'll snip those into small bits as well. I think it's important to watch the quantity of treats to avoid a roly poly basenji.

  • Other treats: sardine pieces, peanut butter in a kong, and make your own. See http://www.maryshouse.us/Recipes.htm

    Also, check to see where the treats you feed are made. If they say something like "Made in China", pass on them. The standards for food items coming from overseas are not the same as ours.

  • When a pup is little, they don't need much volume. We found that another food (like a sample bag) worked well as treats, a kibble at a time! Just read ingredients, be sure it isn't from China; or make your own, there are lots of good recipes out there.
    Most of the quality foods also make treats. EVO treats are small and crumble so not too hard for a pups jaws and easy to break in half.

  • First Basenji's

    Our Basenji's favorite is cheese. He only gets a little bit here and there, but it's his absolute favorite!

  • Natural Balance is a good training treat. It comes in a roll and can be cut into small pieces. It is also a complete dog food so for training sessions you don't have to feel bad substituting it for a meal.

    I have also had very good results with variations of this recipe:

    Tuna Training Treats

    3, 5oz cans of tuna in water
    2 eggs
    1 3/4 cups flour

    Preheat oven to 350. Puree the tuna with the water until smooth, add the eggs blend well. In a mixing bowl add flour to the tuna mixture. It should end up being a similar consistency to brownies. I put parchment paper down in a cookie sheet then spread mixture over the parchment paper. Cook for 15 minutes. Remove from oven, lift treats out of cookie sheet with parchment paper. Cool and cut using pizza cutter into bite sized squares.

    I have found that this recipe also works with canned chicken and canned salmon. You can also use rice flour instead of wheat flour if you have a dog with allergies.

  • I've been trying Wild Salmon Treats by Grizzly Pet Products. They are small and easy to take in a baggy and the ingredients are pretty good.

  • Thanks everyone- love the suggestions…. I am sure I will use them all, I like the tuna recipe and I have heard that those "rolls" are great too.

  • chicken, cheese, meatballs, cheerio's, veggies (sweet pot's, carrots, zuc's, etc) even day old waffles.

  • really? waffles and cheerios?? everyday I learn something new!

  • sure, as long as your pup isn't allergic to grains. my pups love the homemade waffles, even a day later. the cheerio's i'd mix in a bag with meatballs so they absorb the meatball juice.

  • the home made hot dog treats are a good one as listed above - instead of putting them in the oven you can also put the little cut up pieces in the microwave until they are dry-ish -

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