• Does anyone subscribe? I ordered a most reason copy so that I could check it out and wanted to see if anyone already does and could give me their opinion on the magazine.

  • Yes, yes and yes!! You will love it! Also, if you become a member of the BCOA you will get the bulletin, which is also a great resource, and fun magazine.

  • I also subscribe and love it. I love the articles and the pictures of the dogs. I am waiting very impatiently for the current issue.

  • Quercus,

    I have to submit an application to the AKC to get a waiver for Zahra since she was a pet store baby (I have so learned since then, especially after seeing some of the pictures of the Italian Greyhounds rescues from the auction, my heart just broke). I guess I will have to wait a little before I can join that one.

    I may have to subscribe, you both made it sound like this magazine will be great! Does the magazine talk about events for Basenji groups or is it more for Breeders?

  • You can join BCOA without having an AKC registered basenji. You need two BCOA members to sponsor you.

  • The Basenji has a variety of articles written on topics such as health, rescue, performance events, conformation, breeding, puppy raising, new african imports, etc. I think there is a little bit for everyone in the magazine.

  • Although I am a subscriber, and it's somewhat interesting to find out who's who in the Basenji world, I don't find it very informative at all (at least to my way of thinking). It's mostly full of beautiful Basenji winner-of-something pictures. But for $32 for a yearly subscription (6 issues), it's worth it for the pics. JMO, of course.

  • The content varies from issue to issue and some issues are more about showing than others. I loved the last issue with all the articles about the different trips being made to Africa to import native stock. The current issue is dominated by show pictures and articles because it is the Top 20 Issue but there is also a great article by Jeff Schettler about hunting with his basenjis.

  • Well, I guess we'll have to agree to disagree, Ivoss. I've only subscribed for a year, but the current issue (Jan/Feb 2007) didn't seem to me to differ from earlier issues. In my opinion, the magazine is mostly winner pics with a very few articles in between. Even with the articles, it hasn't taken me more than 10 minutes to read any of the mags from front to back. JMO, of course.

    BTW, I just saw on another list that the deadline for placing ads in the Top 20 issue is today. So the current issue (Jan/Feb 2007) isn't the Top 20 issue.

    I love the Schettler articles! Did you know he's in the process of starting a group to gather information about hunting Basenjis? I want his Ru-bot. What a funny girl she is!

  • I don't know…I guess there are a lot of photos...but that is how the mag pays for itself. There is an article about canine legislation...important to anyone who has dogs. There is a nice three page article summarizing the week of the National...some folks might be interested in reading about it, even if they never plan to attend. There is a long article about California breeder Carol Webb; a regular feature where long time breeders are interviewed. There is a obit for Anne Rogers Clark, a grand dam of dog conformation. There is a short article explaining how you can donate to the Basenji Health Endowment by using something called Mission Fish when you sell items thru E-bay (that is something I never knew). And, of course, as mentioned, Jeff's long article about hunting with his Bs. I would say that is about the same amount of content to pic ration as usual...but for the money...I think it is well worth it. I would love it, even if I didn't show my dogs. In my experience it has quite a bit more content than other breed magazines.

    Just my two cents 🙂

  • I had subscribed to it for over a year when Caesar was young looking for help or information to help me learn about the breed. I found it not very interesting unless you had a basenji into showing.

    I found the basenji forums and a local group of basenji owners to be the best source for basenji info. I also really was disappointed with the lack of content with regards to rescues. There was always an article on rescues, but nothing that ever really spoke to me.

  • The Basenji takes article submissions. It is the basenji community that writes the articles. I think there has been an improvement in the content with the ownership change about 2 years ago. As for the ads being mostly show dogs and show photos, that is dependent on the advertiser. Poet's Corner is open to anyone to submit a casual photo but I think they have had less and less people submiting pictures to them.

    Another publication I like is the Rip Van Wrinkler, http://apubasenjis.com/theWrinkler.html It comes out 4 times a year.

    One thing to keep in mind about all of these publications is that the content is limited by what people are willing to submit. They do not have paid columnists.

  • @lvoss:

    One thing to keep in mind about all of these publications is that the content is limited by what people are willing to submit. They do not have paid columnists.

    That's a good point, Ivoss. I wish I knew enough about anything to write an article!

  • I have several old issues. If anyone would like to have them, I'm willing to pass them along.

  • Just a quick note - Mantis, The Basenji is under different ownership than it was a few years ago. I think it's pretty substantially different than it was before, so it may be different now than you might expect. We do have articles on rescue in most issues. While I don't write those articles, I can pass along any requests you might have to the people who do.

    Gbroxon, if you're interested in seeing articles on a particular subject, just let Toni or I know what you want to see. Our goal is to have articles in every issue that appeal to everyone, not just people who show, and in fact one part of putting together an issue is going through and trying to make sure that there is a balance of articles that appeal to our various categories of readers. We hope that articles on topics like new African importations, Basenji rescue, Basenji health, hunting with Basenjis, Basenji trivia (such as the Basenji brand wine we featured last issue), canine legislation, and so on will appeal to everyone who loves Basenjis.

    We also provide free obituaries to memorialize deceased Basenjis, and a free online listing for owners or breeders trying to rehome dogs (Golden Opportunity Dogs.)

    The ads help pay for the magazine, and their content is whatever the advertiser wants to feature.

    If anyone wants a free sample copy (one per customer), especially if you haven't seen the magazine since we took it over, you can go to www.thebasenji.com and request one.

  • Just wondering if we can get it sent up to Canada? Anyone know??

  • Yes - you can get a free sample sent to Canada or anywhere else, and you can get a subscription in Canada or anywhere else. The rates are slightly higher for non-US, to cover the extra postage, but still very affordable.

  • Good publication, keeps you up to speed with the BCOA.:)

  • @Basenji_Boy:

    Good publication, keeps you up to speed with the BCOA.:)

    Becoming a member of BCOA is the best way to keep up to speed…. not to say that The Basenji is not a good publication... because it is...

  • thanks, I will check it out….

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