• Here' the pic of the guy's 3 Basenjis who came in before me.

  • @nobarkus:

    Great pic of Hope. She's even smiling too with her little Santa hat on.:D

    For a $20 donation our SPCA had the digital pics on the web at Flickr for down loading as many as you want, a 4 x 6 framed picture and an photo ornament.

    Oo. i wish ours done this. We paid $10 for the photo itself. haha yeah they put the santa hat on her, they originally covered one of her ears but just before they snapped the pic i quickly flicked her ear out LOL i love her ears, they are not ment to be hidden 😉 🙂

    Love the photo of the three as-well. Beautiful basenji's and such lovely clear photos!

  • It looks like she is singing Xmas Carols with Santa :D…

    Lovely pics of all the B's with Santa...

  • Submit to Brat for the Calendar, great Dec photo!

  • It'll certainly be ideal for a calendar.

  • SPCA made this laminated ornament.

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