• hey guys- ive been giving my almost 2yr ol'b Milosh a water bottle on the wall avail at all times- since when he was a pup the bowl made him go pee-pee too fast all the time.

    the bottle has worked well thus far, but as hes getting older i feel a bowl maybe better suited for him for drinking-i dont want him to dehydrate -and miss out on the right amount of water he should be drinking per day, but i don't want him to start pee-pee in inside -when iam not home, nor do i want to take him out every 10minutes-he decides to drink water.

    so, what iam asking- is the water drip bottle out growing him?..or could i still maintain the bottle- and give him bowl water with his meals?…

    advice suggestions welcomed.

    thank you!

  • Um at 2yr old…he is grown... I can't imagine them getting enough water through a bottle though so if that is the only source, give the dog a bowl. Never ever restrict water as a routine to prevent peeing. Dogs drink because they need to drink.

  • I think water is something all b's should have at all times.

  • And if your Basenji is peeing that much, a trip to the Vet is in order…. they should not at 2yrs be peeing every 10 minutes...

  • ok- now that my horrid guilt has passed after reading these replies!

    Id like to clear up something- that he ALWAYS had water resource- when he eats he gets a full bowl…at the park he drinks freely...etc-the bottle is NOT a gerbil size bottle.

    the peein i ask about ITS NOT an health issue he is always been taken for vet check ups - its just a habit (jedi mind trick have yah) that when he drinks large amounts of water HE KNOWS when he starts to whine i take him out immediately-I NEVER make him wait when he asksed to be taken out , so HE HAS trained me...

    so thank you for your feedback and going forward the BOWL of water stays full at all times.

    i never intended to put him through any stress!!!

  • Sorry if we misread the post. Water consumption is a sign of fanconi. So, we all take posts re b's and water very seriously.
    No blame was intended. We just "react" as this can be a sign of this awful illness.

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