• What are your thoughts on using the water bottle to deter basenjis from getting in trouble?

  • I don't use them.

    The one and only time I tried the squirt bottle was with my girl Ruby. She was into something - can't remember what. I squirted her. She turned, looked at me, and peed on the rug. That was the last time I used the water bottle on her and last time she peed on the rug - that was a couple of years ago.

    Basenji 1, mom 0.

  • We use a little squirt water bottle with both our girls, and they work very well for us - each dog is different. I sure wouldn't do it if my dogs reacted like Ruby did. But when Shaye or Gemma starts getting into something they should not, we squirt them right in the face, and it does put a stop to it. Sometimes, if they should happen to look up at us on their way to mischief, just picking up the bottle and saying "no" will redirect them. I say give it a try, preferably on a floor not carpeted, just in case.

  • Houston

    I have used it on my other (non basenjis) dogs, it didn't work so I quit..
    You can also use a can with coins in it…will startle them if shaken hard...shoot it startles me..lol

  • If you're going to use a squirt bottle do it from a distance or try not to let them see you squirt it. There are squirt bottles that shoot a stream quite a distance. Don't say anything either. It's kinda like God did it.;)

  • Yes I agree with Dan - mine associate the water bottle with the squirt and not with me - even when it's in sight they will correct themselves when doing something they shouldn't. I do know behaviourists/trainers who don't agree with it.

  • I live by mine .. It's the only thing that has worked i usually don't have to spray it because as soon as he see's it he stops getting into trouble …... for that moment anyways LOL

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