Buddy found a very small piece of…..

  • SUN!

  • LOL… perfect Dan

  • lol wonderful. Arwen found a lot this week, been very sunny… yesterday in 70s.. now going to 20s. I HAD MY AC ON LAST NIGHT!

  • I used to call Tammie Jean (my first 😎 Trixie after the little girl in the Family Circus cartoon. She could always find the sun.

  • It was sunny today but the temps were low. We went on a long hike in the hills and met up with this guy who had 2 rw Basenjis. Both were very friendly like Buddy and all played well for a few minutes. There wasn't one snarl and we both laughed and said that was a rarity for Basenjis. The little female and Buddy hit it off instantly with wagging curly tails. We didn't get to talk much because one of them ran ahead to play with some other dogs and he had to go catch up to him.

  • It's amazing how they can always find a bit of Sun. How nice that you met someone with two Basenjis, it so rarely happens.
    We met a lady last week who had a Basenji in the 50's, she was a child and it was her Dad who got the Dog. She told us that they couldn't do a thing with her, lol

  • What a smart boy, Trog is always in a sunbeam too. Right now he and Xander are sharing one and he is giving Xander a bath, silly dog rolled in horse poop coming off the coursing field so - had to wash him off, and a damp basenji requires grooming by Mr. Trog.

  • Typical - what a cute picture - I like the way he's curled up tight so he can fit in the square of sunshine!

  • a rare day when there is any sun. love seeing how many other b's are sunbeam nuts

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