Crate Buddy

So I got Dallas this big teddy bear for his crate (to keep him company & keep him warm at night). This was their first meet:

What do you mean I'm not allowed to chew him to shreds?!?

Fine! Let me test him out…

No, I think I like daddy's foot much better…:p

He has gotten significantly better in the crate. I have started doing an exercise with him where I put him in the crate about 30 minutes prior to bedtime & give him a little treat for a minute in which he doesn't whine, then give him a treat after 1.5 mins, then 2, etc. If he does whine I say "NO!" & if he stops whining after this I give him a little treat. Finally, if he lays down in the crate while doing this I give him the remainder of the bone 🙂 So far, so good!

What precious photos. Sounds like he's adjusting to the crate training. Keep up the good work!

too cute, don't you just love it when they crash and burn, they can get themselves in the stangest positions!

Glad to hear its all working out.

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